Chazz is good at playing card games. -

Chazz is good at playing card games.

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This feels like an abridged/parody line ngl.

As usual I don’t own anything :]

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  1. If you’re good at card games, you’re basically set for life in this universe

  2. "By the way, what kind of a name is Adrien Gecko, anyway?"

  3. Sounds like a line straight out of Abridged

  4. "I'll just buy a new one" 😭😭😭

  5. This is GOAT dub dialogue I don't care what anyone says

  6. It is important when duels can decide things like corporate takeovers and wars.

  7. Good at playing card games and thinks that's what life is all about…

    He really is the Kaiba of GX.

  8. It's bits like this that makes me think that LittleKuriboh may have had involvement with the writing 😂

  9. This is probably the Abridgiest dialogue in the whole dub.

  10. Post season one this is a fact. But in the beginning…no

  11. And then he gets beaten…and completely forgets about being petty.

  12. If I die, I'd want to be Isekia'ed into a Yu-Gi-Oh anime…
    Dedicating life to playing a Children's Card Game has got to be better than this.

  13. And that's what life is really all about anyway!!

  14. The phrase we all say when nothing else works out.

  15. I think you mean THE Chazz is good at card games!

  16. Yeah chazz is richer if he could just pay for blood vessels

  17. The thing is, in this setting, he isn't wrong. Life really is all about card games.

  18. He’s right though. Kaiba is really good at card games and he’s the most powerful person on the planet

  19. Ironically Adrian beat him in that episode.

  20. Gek just unplealed the Yu-Gi-Oh cover and made everyone face reality

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