Cheating at Cards: This ONE Skill Will DOMINATE Card Games #shorts -

Cheating at Cards: This ONE Skill Will DOMINATE Card Games #shorts

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You can’t beat a cheat. Just accept it.

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  1. Well the decks are setup before hand. I feel like you have to start with a fresh deck

  2. Before you deal yourself each card, please show the bottom of the deck before dealing it to yourself….. That would prove your not dealing from the bottom if the deck…..

  3. Well no more playing cards in Vegas for me.

  4. He will never show his face! Why are you doing a voice over?

  5. My old magician mentor claims hes knows but won't tell me…i don't think i believe him

  6. U can’t post this forever bro enjoy your 2 minutes of superstardom while it lasts

  7. You’re a legend 🙌🏻🙌🏼👍🏻🥰don’t waste your valuable time 🥰😎

  8. You da freaking maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnn!

  9. Would make a Pharoah proud. Lol.
    Love your skill

  10. There are clips that you can more or less learn from, and there is this guy

  11. Can you shuffle by laying them all out on the table and “wax on wax off” shuffle them?

  12. I'm pretty sure it's just that he's damn good at precise shuffles. And yeah. He's damn good

  13. I know it's a trick & not 'magic' … but I'll just enjoy the trick cuz ain't NO WAY I'm gonna figure it out!!

  14. i think you can look at the corner of cards while shuffling (riffle). can you do the shuffles while looking at the camera and still produce similar magic.

  15. You have to get into cheating (on the casinos side) … or you can cheat the casino until they catch you and give you a job lol

  16. The man is called a card mechanic not a magician. It takes 10,000 hours probably even $20,000 hours of practice to be as good as him and this guy might even have 30 to $40,000 hours he's so good. Dedication

  17. So it means you never win in gambling in casino 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  18. so when you were spinning the cards did you control which ones go like a small keyboard 😮

  19. That's why you should never go to casinos. Never bet. Some idiot will be cheating and steal your money

  20. I have to get that tattoo'd on myself "I'm fully prepared to prove people wrong for the rest of my life"

  21. Can you shuffle the deck face up, cut the deck face up, and deal the cards face up.

  22. "I'm prepared to prove them wrong for the rest of my life"… PRICELESS! …I watch your videos to see how you blast your haters! Oh, and the card techniques are amazing too.. Lol!

  23. I don’t know what is more incredible. The amount of people going out of their way trying to call him a phony, or you just being freaking awesome

  24. I think even if you performed with the cards face up (and I mean all of them) it would still be as equally impressive

  25. Let me shuffle that card and then we will talk about it.

  26. When I was a kid, I was fascinated with cards. I always had a deck in my pocket. Playing cards during gym on rainy days or in lunch, but tricks were cool. With my left hand I was capable of cutting the deck in four, but not with my right hand. For some reason my left hand was naturally smoother. It was all about making a dollar or trading. Then I had a terrible accident and only my left hand was injured, requiring a dozen reconstructed surgeries. From tendons and nerves removed from my right leg to put on my hand. Karma on steroids for taking advantage of the fools.

  27. The worst part about watching these things as an admittedly amateur card mechanic is that I know some of the ways to do these things. I just don’t know how you do it so fluidly and easily. Same problem with when I’ve watched Richard Turner do things, the amount of skill there is just next level.

  28. Occam's razor…. You do the same thing multiple times until you brute force it and guess the cards right eventually….

  29. Great performance as usual. Thanks for posting

  30. I finally actually figured it all out. Im trying to perfect this technique so I can be more fluid but you are very good at this haha. I applaud you for sure

  31. now do a shuffle after I shuffle your deck 🙂

  32. The cards are all shuffled and mixed exactly as he wishes them to be.

  33. Why don’t you silence the “edited” accusations and do a live stream?

  34. My man got cards stacked like books behind him

  35. 'Even I can't stand how good I am'. Lmao legend😂

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