CHRIS MOLTISANTI - Card Game Heist - The Sopranos S03E12 -

CHRIS MOLTISANTI – Card Game Heist – The Sopranos S03E12

Luciano Films
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  1. Chrissies such a badass. I love him

  2. This is an historic scene but every time I cant stand fricking italian yells of Furio

  3. Chrissy had the best shot in the whole series

  4. Dude the way christopher adds another two when hes already dead is so badass. Obviously its late at night buts still he puts in the time to do it regardless of witnesses. Reminds me when they went to italy and they handle the kid who only got firecrackers

  5. "luciano films"
    >it's just stupid music added to someone else's film

  6. “They know my voice I’m not going to say anything “

  7. Christopher had some of the best shots in the show he had impeccable aim with that handgun

  8. They should've took dude back in the room and carved him a little to make him talk, give up who the guy was that got away.

  9. I don't care what you all say , but Chris was one brave motherfucker..

  10. The killing on the street was one classic gangsta shit scene.. Incredible

  11. You know the sopranos has appealed to the new generation when scenes are accompanied with modern douchebag 'music'.

  12. Chris was a born mobster- he didn’t give a f**k

  13. Music lyrics:
    Humma dumma dum dum hubba dubba lub lub

  14. Jackie Jr. checks in to the BOONTON Hilton after this to hide out. Boonton black drug dealers Projects

  15. I know Jackie Jr. gets a lot of heat, but he’s still 1,000x smarter than the modern trump supporter

  16. "NOBODY F****IN MOVE!!!"
    Chris: 😮 Turns all the way around to look them in the eyes

  17. this is exactly why I would never play a card game with Obama

  18. "Guy was a digital decorator!"

    "His video looked like shit"

  19. That schnoz in silhouette as Chris turns around…fuckin terrifying

  20. Feech was needed to straighten these young thugs.

  21. christopher was a soldier and that’s it.. it’s all he had and could be

  22. I dunno, it still feels like Richie set Jackie jr. up by telling him about the card game Tony robbed.

  23. Dude holding some money left behind by his stupid friend. Loved the show. RIP James. You were great.

  24. Jackie Jr was so fucked after this scene that even Omar Little couldn't save him!

  25. chris was a fucking killing machine, tony made his biggest make to killing him

  26. If only they knew who Jackie Jr's fawtha was

  27. Ayo if Chrissy actually got clean he would've been one of the if not the most feared man of his family.

  28. Does anyone else think these scene is a bit of a reference to the scene in goodfellas when “spider” gets shot in the foot? I thought so cuz it looks like a very similar layout and shots. Then the “does anyone want a drink” line sold it for me. Def a reference to Chris’s character In goodfellas cuz that what “spider” is doing in GF. Gettin the card players drinks.

  29. Pulling a gun on Christopher is never a good idea

  30. This was the beginning and ending for Jackie Jr……………

  31. 4𝖉𝖏𝖆𝖈𝖊𝖓𝖙↯لا* says:

    turn off that trashass music

  32. Jackie and Matthew could have had a fight for most stupid and they'd both win

  33. Something they never drew attention to but kept showing was that Christopher was actually a really good shot.

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