CIVILIZATION AS A FUN QUICK CARD GAME!! | Let's Try Rush for the Ages -


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Remake history and race your opponents for a complete and glorious timeline in this lightning-fast card game.

The Let’s Try series is a way to preview / review games in order to get my first impressions through the first moments of gameplay.

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Rush for the Ages is a quick card game about outplaying your two opponents while rushing through the ages to unlock new possibilities. Find the best synergies between the different cards and compete for the prestige tokens uncovered as the game advances. But as soon as any player sets down a 7th card in their timeline, the game ends and a winner is sanctified.



  1. that music is giving me strong nostalgia for the campfire scenes in Panza Dragoon Saga on the saturn

  2. Very cool concept, but closer to a demo for me. After a few hours you can very consistently beat bots on hardest difficulty. Some cards feel unbalanced and not valued as highly by bots , like 'trade' for instance. The core idea is excellent though, I wish they had added more longevity to the game.

  3. Let's do this thing, its a good time to be a gamer!

  4. Neat! I gotta say, Punkcake is really growing on me, they have such creative game concepts!

  5. Pretty cool! Reminds of the physical card game, Imperium: Classics and Imperium: Legends

  6. Have you tried Age of Rivals? 2 player digital card game, sorta-civilization building, but it takes advantage of the digital nature of the game to allow modifications to cards. So your cards can get strengthened, damage, even ruined for the rest of the match. Might be up your alley.

  7. They should try actually making this into a boardgame.
    I know it would be pretty similar to something like the 7 wonders in terms of concept, but I don't think there's another popular card game with that concept.

  8. Usually, when you see a digital board game, it's either a game that only really would work on a computer, or it's a digitized version of a physical board game. You don't often see an original digital board game that would work as a physical one.

  9. Ok either they take this to a physical board game level or they make this online multiplayer, I could see this game making them money simply by allowing people to compete

  10. So good! I shall have to await for it on Steam.

  11. "CIVILIZATION AS A FUN QUICK CARD GAME" is Reigns isn't it???? haha

  12. Gotta say if people love civilization as a card game. Another great and quite classic pic is through the ages! digital and boardgame!

  13. "Final game, probably"

    You know they captured the Civ essence when the players get hit with the "just one more turn" syndrome.

  14. Seems pretty well thought out, except for first turn advantage which doesn't seem to have any downside, and how the game ends immediately when someone reaches the end of their timeline (as compared to everyone else getting 1 more turn).

  15. Each civ should get same number of turns. This is a common design flaw in a lot of board games. Game should finish the round when a player triggers end game. Huge 1st player advantage considering a 10-15 turn game.

  16. Unless "Indians" refers to people actually from India, they need to change that name.

  17. Did Reto get a new mic recently? I haven’t watched his videos in a couple months and something sounds different in his voice.

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