Clementine Talks About Her Past During Card Game -Every Single Choice- The Walking Dead Final Season -

Clementine Talks About Her Past During Card Game -Every Single Choice- The Walking Dead Final Season

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Clementine Tells Louis, Violet and Marlon about her sad story with Lee, Kenny. She also talk about Her relationship with Gabe and mention Javi. I recorded every single dialogue and outcome for this scene and put them together piece by piece into one single video.

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The Walking Dead: The Final Season, is the fourth and final season of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead. It was confirmed at the end of “From The Gallows”. It will mark the return of playable protagonist, Clementine, and Alvin Jr. The first episode is released in August 14, 2018.

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  1. Mark too ,you know i have eat human leg

  2. Clementine's a beast, talks like a 60 year old veteran.

  3. I imagine if Clem ate marks legs in s1 she probably wouldn’t say she was kidding, but it does anyways

  4. Damn, Adult Clementine has a lot of personality, I love it

  5. Bro I freaking miss this game and wish they'd make another season (even though it literally cannot happen + it'd kinda ruin the definition of "the final season"). Plus we be getting a new Clem comic this summer, lookin hella forward to that.

  6. "baseball sucks."
    "you suck."
    "not as much as baseball."
    they are such siblings 😭

  7. "Oh im sure shes real surprised about that one"

  8. I was hoping she'd mention the St. John's diary or the Stranger.

  9. Lee was the only good character this is why I didn’t play season 2-4 since Lee had died I thought there was no reason to keep playiing

  10. When Clem said AJs dad was killed by "some a-hole" I always thought it was carver. but I realized later that was Hank.

  11. Why doesn’t Luke get mentioned oh my god I hate you clem

  12. i like how violet says a walkers eyes blew out like it was nothing

  13. Events I wish you could mention:

    -How Clem met Lee
    -Meat Locker scene
    -Bandit Raid
    -How old Clem was when she shot Lee
    -Clem stitching her own arm
    -Carver’s camp/Kenny losing his eye

  14. “Everyone I have ever cared for has ether died or left me!”-Ellie tlou
    Figure this quote suits clems story perfectly

  15. 7:08 this one always hits me in the heart the delivery is so well delivered too

  16. I ate a guy's leg once his name was mark and that left a mark

  17. the characters that all should be listed are kenny luke lee javi christa and omid

  18. Honestly it's the saddest when Louis asks the killing loved one question and Clem doesnt say a thing and gets all sad. And in my opinion that's the canon choice it's just heartbreaking

  19. Poker game are the best game ever of entire life. Same as Red Dead Redemption 2 because thí scene came out before RDR2

  20. Omg every single time i hear clems voice igo: wow, some voice actors really know their job.

  21. They did an amazing job with these facial expressions

  22. Lewis: ever had to kill someone you loved?
    Clementine: no
    lee will remember that

  23. Clem: What was your favorite game, why yo hair like that?

    Rest of the group: Did you kill someone for fun, did u kill a family member, did you destroy a bloodb line?

  24. 9:37 "You ask a morbid question, there's your morbid answer." 😄✨ BOOM!

  25. Why is Louis such an unlikable character, I'm glad Lily cut out his tongue

  26. Violet, Marlon, Louis: Tells a mildly traumatizing story.
    Clem: Sooo I ate some dudes leg once, Shot Kenny, Watched Lee turn, watched a man's face get beaten with a crowbar until there was no skin left…

    Did I mention I'm a fuckin' badass? Haha, like that time I killed like seven people to get AJ back or when I rode on a bulldozer firing an AK-47 to liberate some town I totalllly helped burn down to begin with.

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