Coatl: The Card Game - BGG How to Play -

Coatl: The Card Game – BGG How to Play

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Coatl: The Card Game – BGG How to Play. Candice Harris teaches you how to play Coatl: The Card Game by designers Pascale Brassard, Etienne Dubois-Roy and published by Synapses Games. This episode is sponsored by Synapses Games.

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  1. Can you fulfill new prophecies using feathers you played on previous turns after another player replenishes the supply?

  2. Clear instructions and helpful video segments, tnx!

  3. Can you PLEASE make a video for how to play SOLO? I bought this game to play solo exclusively and I cannot figure it out. The instructions fornm running the AI opponent makes NO sense to us. Terribly written. My copy now sits, collecting dust. If you can figure out how the solo AI works, please share. There are several parts of the rulebook for the AI that make no sense. SO bumbed.

  4. I like your energy! Crystal clear explanations! Good job! 🙂

  5. Thank you for this perfect game overview! Got the game right when it came out and now not as daunting to read through the details. Glad to see they changed it up a little from the original for something fresh, different, and portable too like Splendor duel, Imhotep duel and 7 wonders duel.

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