Collectable Card Game Speculators in 2023 -

Collectable Card Game Speculators in 2023

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Collectable card game speculators and investors in 2023 after Magic 30th #mtg #ccg #collectables #cardmarket #funny #comedy #magicthegathering #shortsvideo


  1. i quit magic when they started the whole secret lair bullshit. so glad i quit. such a money sink on pointless fomo.

  2. Chose to get into magic back in August of 2022. Holy fuck why is there so many new products

  3. Why did this eerily feel exactly like what happened to me?

  4. Yeah so weird you can just toss me that Ravnica box dw😅

  5. You post this right after I bought my first two boxes of Chilling Reign, it's almost like YouTube has access to my Google sear… Uhoh

  6. This was me for a while. But Dominaria Remastered was too good to ignore! xD

  7. Grey sweatpants… I had to watch this for like five times to even notice he holds something in his hands… aside from pants. And I am positive that was his intention. Prove me wrong. While I'm gonna watch the video some more.

  8. Pokemon has brought me back after a long ass time.

  9. You mean I get to pay a fraction of the price AND I get to enjoy the game with my kids? Heck yeah, Pokemon!

  10. Enjoy playing 1 of 2 viable decks at any point in time. Pokemon card game has been a joke ever since Ex Pokemon were introduced

  11. It's okay they've only tripled in price

  12. Catching em all would be cheaper than buying the 30th anniversary.

  13. You know, pokemon released proxies that were tournament winning decks. You know what they cost? 15$

  14. you walk into a room and see a dumpster fire, you shoudl run out and sell everything.
    Whats that at the door?
    Wotc selling more secret lairs?
    selling more proxy cards?

  15. Proceeds to that sheet of hits that fell off a truck

  16. For real! I found some damaged yugio cards and found me a dark magician in it. Think I’m moving over to collect them.
    Also I think I’m moving into collecting basic lands. Much more affordable. And so many new styles and full art have come out.

  17. Pokemon factories getting cards pulled from the printers, never getting to packs, sold in huge stacks

  18. the cancer of any tcg the speculators and hoarders

  19. I mean at least mtg is still a playable game. 💀

  20. all the people who supported that shit are rich but stupid.

  21. this is what happens when investors expect more. they push the customer away with too much product and garbage. fortunately, I haven't seen much in the way of massive power creep. so that's still a plus.

  22. 6 months later and this has not changed everyone still hates that wotc was that dumb

  23. Why's homie got a colostomy bag in his right pocket?

  24. Hmmm I'm paying attention to something else…

  25. It's so funny that you can just buy better looking proxies from Etsy for a fraction of the price. 30th Anniversary was the biggest slap in the face I've ever seen.

  26. Don't like the proxies? Don't buy them. Don't like secret lairs? Don't buy them. Don't like expensive packs? Don't buy them. A singles market will exist as long as they print cards.

  27. Bruh i had those same boxes in my possession for mtg lol

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