Colm Bonnar on hurt, Aaron Gillane card, playing into Limerick’s hands -

Colm Bonnar on hurt, Aaron Gillane card, playing into Limerick’s hands

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  1. A slap of a hurley is all part of the great game that is hurling, players collapsing trying to have someone sent off is not part of the game.

  2. Both Lohan & Kiely are studying and practicing walls of limerick & siege of Ennis and how to break through them?

  3. Gillane was going for a pull on the ball , and the second he released he could not connect it was too late to pull out, so he let go the Hurley instead what else could he do, so no red he was going for the ball

  4. The hatred on social media for limk is scandalous…amateur players putting their time and heart into a game they love.
    Heard one guy online hoping that someone will "split Gillane open soon" and JP McManus is the reason limk get away with not getting red cards..etc etc.
    Other comments inc "limerick are a horrible, horrible team"
    And those are the milder comments.

  5. It looked to me he was trying to pull on the ball, it was 50 50 Maher jumped into the ball and he was in the way of the swing, if people keep going on about red cards will this be the end of people trying to play ground hurling which can still be effective by freeing up space and keeping the ball moving out of rucks

  6. Gillane pulled fair , noting he could do it’s disgraceful saying he should of got more than a yellow , his eyes were on the ball

    Was Craig Morgan’s slap down on Mulcahy not dirtier , no ball to be blocked down there on his shin , it’s the worse you can do to a man , chop down on a hand etc when they are striking.
    Jakes incident they speak of there I didn’t see it to comment but can only say if he got hit something went on before it , it’s Munster championship so you’ve to take as good as you get.

  7. With all the calls Tip got from the ref they should have won by ten points .Tipperary are the favorites of the refs over the last ten years. What gives with this situation I will have to look into the political situation to see the birds land.

  8. Great response from Bonnar when cornered by questions of the yellow cards. From his view, it was not clear cut & would have to watch it again but felt both players going for the ball. Tipp hurling needs more honest people like him, to get back to the top. Pages like this & Shane Stapleton Twitter comments really dragging Tipp hurling down.

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