Colorado Rockies vs Chicago Cubs Highlights || NL Wild Card Game || October 2, 2018 -

Colorado Rockies vs Chicago Cubs Highlights || NL Wild Card Game || October 2, 2018

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— Colorado Rockies vs Chicago Cubs Highlights || NL Wild Card Game on October 3, 2018 —

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  1. Cubs swung at way too many bad pitches. That's on the manager. He sees that going on for the whole last week and nothing changed.

  2. Bottom of the 13th, Cubs need a base runner. Baez corkscrews himself into the ground (twice) playing hero ball.

  3. Happy for Colorado. Mostly for arenado who is the best player in bb. See u soon…love…dodgers

  4. Baez is just not a good postseason hitter. And Contreras gets super hipped for a BB that’s weak AF

  5. You can put it on the board, this season is Ova!

  6. Baseball has the stupidest postseason format out of the 4 major sports, by far. Nowhere near a Cubs fan or any other team that lost in the postseason, but to play 162 reg. season games only to end your season on a single elimination game is crazy to me. Too bad the Yankees have been able to advance the last two years, or MLB would fix it.

  7. The Big Screen & Entertainment Experience says:

    Too many missed opportunities, scrubs.

    D'oh! 🙁

  8. Stupid ass cubs freaking out over everything, that’s why I appreciate my Rox, they keep there cool after anything

  9. This is a better condensed game than the condensed games the MLB is slapping together these days.

  10. That was inference at 3rd with Baez but my rockies still won

  11. this was a very well played game. great job by both teams!!!⚾️⚾️⚾️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Jesus so much bullshit from these Cubs players, christ you got a fucking walk, take your base and STFU about it.

  13. Rox tried to blow this game. Dahl botching a popup. Desmond running on a routine fly ball to left field which was a poor decision. Drew Butera's catchers inference. Side note…Contreras is such a hotdog

  14. Just came for Baez's hit in the 8th–it was pretty awesome, we had lost all hope until then. Then we found out it wouldn't matter. It's ok though. I have a feeling the Cubs will be back in the postseason sooner than people think

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  18. Looking back at this game the umps really favored cubs this game, they still lost lol

  19. 2018 was a wild season. NL West and Central and wildcard all tied up. Each loser of the divisional tiebreakers became 1-2 wildcards for the play in game. Wow.

  20. Thank god we beat the Rockies in the Tie Breaker game

  21. How do you think Murphy would’ve felt knowing these guys were gonna be his teammates soon

  22. When you’re doing the bathroom and the poop doesn’t come out 17:13

  23. That hub by Baez is the bottom of the 11th was an interference Nolan had PLENTY of time to get a throw off to third

  24. Both teams played great, but the Cubs made many errors and Why wasn't Jason heyward playing left

  25. I forgot how terrible some of the swings were by the Cubs in this game.

  26. 12:31 Jesus Christ Pedro strop act like you’ve been there before. Wilson Contreras is a cocky sob who’s just a dickhead who embarrassed himself in mia Khalifas dms. Looking back wish they lost in 16.

  27. That was such a fun game to listen too to bad they got swept in the next series man I miss those Rockies they were all go players like Cargo and DJ and Parra. Man I love my Rockies

  28. Rockies won that season with pitching, yes that’s right… with pitching.

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