Combo Fighter Review - A Bruisingly Good Card Game -

Combo Fighter Review – A Bruisingly Good Card Game

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  1. I remember looking at this while it was on kickstarter and thinking it was just simplified Yomi. My personal favorite card fighter is Exceed; it can have a rough learning curve for new players, but the complexity removes a lot of victory through button mashing.

  2. You should try a game called lunch money. Very fun fighting game.

  3. Ads before a SU&SD video? Congratulations on your move to Monetizationville, guys!

  4. Why don't we ever hear from the people sitting behind you?

  5. Do you realize that your US/UK links don't work for buying the game? it's unavailable on amazon and leisure games returns 0 results for combo fighter

  6. Could just a few thousand more people ask "What about Yomi?", I don't think the point has been made yet.

  7. Saying this thing beats Battlecon means I can't take this review seriously.

  8. Maaaannnn I was ready for the stats on the worm!!!

  9. Based on the #of characters/variety, I think battlecon is still better.

  10. You guys are the best! Might have to buy this one now.

  11. Nice to see Quinns is a fan of the Twister ice lolly which is ALSO the name of a particularly nasty grappling move where you try to move your opponent’s spine in two directions at once. Synergy!

  12. Ben is lovely! Get more of interns in these 😀

  13. Beats the hell out of Battlecon? Quinns, this is just a weaker version of Yomi.

  14. This does not seem more fun than Battlecon. This seems kind of boring, but maybe it’s fun as a quick game.

  15. I greatly enjoyed this review. Please hire Ben full time. Also yay for Mage Wars. I would love to see your review of Mage Wars.

  16. The season is slowly shifting from summer to autumn, and the weather just looks miserable.
    …Yeah, that jives with everything I've heard about England.

  17. I'm pretty damn sure I have been to the place of the last shot. Weird.

  18. With as much as you enjoy mystery games, might I recommend you check out Mystery Express? Its basic core is simple: loosely, it is Clue but with TWO cards for each suspect, location, motive, and modus operandi (4 categories instead of 3). In practice, the game becomes at its core highly seductive and logic-based, as now seeing a card is no longer a brainless “check it off the list” exercise.

    There are other differences too, like setting (train), time cards, and a time limit. At its core though, it is a game with a seemingly simple twist on a familiar theme that results in a radically more intensive (and satisfying) level of achievement for what the game’s genre sets out for players to do: seductive reasoning.

    (And phones apparently autocorrect deductive to seductive. What is the world coming to?! Seductive still works, keeping it!)

  19. Looks like a good game for you to do a stream for

  20. For me the best fighting game by far is Way of the Fighter.. I love it so much

  21. I'm not sure how this beats battlecon let alone exceed. Yomi is just a glorified rock paper scissors with a minor bluffing element. This seems even more tenuously designed, less interesting options and uglier than yomi which is the weakest fighting series board game.

    I'm a big fan of battlecon and exceed because they're elegantly designed while having all the spirit of a fighting game because distance is tantamount to being good and giving a huge layer of strategy. I'm much more interested in a review of battlecon/exceed now from you guys rather than this one off the cuff remark. Combo fighter seems more geared towards the crowd that wants to play simple games like welcome to the dungeon or love letter rather than a deep complex fighting game represented with cards…

  22. Looks great but where can you get a copy of this?

  23. Say aren’t those your Street Masters bandannas?

  24. Mage Wars is a fine game but infinitely more complex and is more like a miniatures game. I don’t see any overlap here other than they are both 2 player games. I would recommend Hero Realms first and even that’s a huge stretch.

  25. I wish they could made a Mortal Kombat version

  26. The "Exceed" card game system is another excellent example of fighting games translated to tabletop aside from Yomi. There are 12 Street Fighter decks now, some other properties from Level99 games (the creator of the Exceed games) and even SHOVEL KNIGHT

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