Cool Commander Cards That Never Make the Cut -

Cool Commander Cards That Never Make the Cut

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  1. Kalitas is definitely proactive as it shuts down so many popular strategies and there’s a ton of popular cards that rely on death triggers.

  2. Calling warping wail wonky is quite possibly the weirdest thing ive heard from this channel

  3. warping wail is colorless' ONLY option as a cheap counterspell i wont have this slander

  4. Dismantling Wave is a solid 3 for 1 removal piece. I don't see a reason not to run any copies that you have. That's one mana per thing you take out and you can hit more if you have the mana and it's helpful. It's the most generically useful on here. I would probably only use the colorless card in an all colorless deck because having 3 options will always give you something for it. The red one probably only goes into decks where cascading is a huge benefit. Anything that gives benefits for casting from exile… But it definitely is the least likely in this list to make the cut. Kalitas is just cool and is definitely not getting cut if you build him as your commander. I think he has some solid homes in the 99 too

  5. Kalitas is proactive turning your reactive removal spells/sweepers into a board state

  6. Growth spiral shouldnt make the cut? Its instant speed explore, why isnt explore on this list?

  7. Also making a thantis the warweaver deck, any suggestions

  8. I have Throes of Chaos in my Ashling deck.

    I only have 20 non-land cards so it's really useful.

  9. Dismantling Wave is an auto-include in Gavi

  10. Throes of chaos is in my vadrik deck. It's great when it costs one red and adds two to the storm count.

  11. I use warping wail but it never works and in MH3 Null Elemental blast will replace Wraping wail


  13. Null Elemental Blast gonna be the new Warping Wail. Its basically the answer to 90% of commanders

  14. Warping Wail is in my tribal Eldrazi commander

  15. Fix: build a zombie deck with Kali as the commander. Run lots of removal, it’s a good time

  16. Kalitas is synergy in my Tormod Orzhov deck

  17. I ran a mono black Kalitas deck for years. Only ended up switching when the new Braids came out. Admittedly the deck is better now but it was always fun to play Kalitas.

  18. Me when I cast Throes of Chaos 4 times in one turn in my Propser deck 👀

  19. I run Laelia who is perhaps the most Throes of Chaos loving commander ever and it hasn’t even made the cut there

  20. Def run Kalitas has a commander. He’s so oppressive and your friends will hate your chefs kiss removal

  21. Dismantling wave makes it into a bunch of .y decks, because the cycling mode is just amazing. Getting a board wipe for artifacts and enchantments at instant speed, and replacing itself is all awesome, even for 8 mana. The fact that I can cast it to hit 3 things for 3 mana is just good on rate. I play it over grasp of fate, that's for sure.

  22. Growth spiral is great if you NEED the card and land play

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