CRAZY ALL IN for $2200 💰 #poker #shorts -

CRAZY ALL IN for $2200 💰 #poker #shorts

Wolfgang Poker
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#shorts #poker #wolfgangpoker

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  1. poker seviyorsanız velo poker uygulamasını tafsiye ederim.

  2. Bro called off two grand preflop with A6. I need to get in that game ASAP.

  3. I've been playing poker for 30 years sometimes on a daily basis. Not one time has anyone asked to run it twice…. Lol. Rookies…

  4. Nice trap push!!! I can't believe guy RERAISED for 500!!!! It seems to me sometimes, people have or make a certain amount of money. Then somehow, forgets the "worth of a dollar"! That could DEFINITELY weaken a poker strategy! But hey!! Somebody's gotta be the feeder, i guess….

  5. My 10 luck Fallout New Vegas character would've sent you all packing 😏

  6. 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  7. Vwoofgar Puckett A♣️6♣️

  8. Did wolfgang got straight at the end there?

  9. This can't even be real. Always the same players, always at Peaks, always staged, and always just for the algorithm. YouTube has become a joke.

  10. All in and run it twice = scared money

  11. So do u win $12 or was that the profit from the $2200? That part confuses me a lil on ur channel so I’m just trying to clarify is all🤷‍♂️

  12. Now you write 12, aren’t you supposed to write 1/2the pot to be consistent?

  13. Bro won back 7666$ from 10 grand that he lost 27 videos ago. Yes, I will count it until he recoups his money full 🙂

  14. I cant stand noobs that go all in all the time before the flop. Poker isn't supposed to be slots, its supposed to be chess.

  15. I'm beginning to feel like he's playing these spots so badly on purpose jjst for the views.

    This is tremendously bad.

  16. This is bullshit. Today my friends and I were playing poker and we got all the high combinations of royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind and full house =) everyone went all in =). But I took it all =)

  17. Crazy gamblers: that’s no more poker, it’s just like randomly clicking on slot machine 🎰…!!!

  18. Remember the ONLY time you want to run it more than once, is when you’re SCARED

  19. wish this was the actual video of you hitting quads twice, would have loved to see that play out across two hands…were they back to back?

  20. The more content i watch of Wolfgang the more i see he's a fish

  21. Too get action you got to give it sometimes😮

  22. What a donkey , shoves after a 4 bet with A6.

  23. Again you should be ashamed of yourself if ppl are using your videos to learn poker

  24. If everybody plays this bad I think I should start playing poker again

  25. I have never understood to go all in and then run it twice, like even 3 times makes more sense lol

  26. Never Understood if you're so quick 2 throw All your $$ in then Why Ask to Run it Twice?? 🤔

  27. I’m new to the game I’m just getting the hang of it. But can anybody explain the significance of the 2nd river ?

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