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DBSCG Direct Episode #6 – UW8 Last Secret Rare revealed!

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  1. WOW i need that oath of Z card!! love this channel you guys are awsome thank you so much for creating this card game!!!

  2. Is a nice set but really a lot of print lines which is really sad, two of my secret rares each have a print line… I hope the quality will get better again in BT18

  3. Is it too much to ask for some new Dr.Uiro cards and support…..

  4. Very unique SCR! btw, you missed Murasaki ninja for the Red Ribbon Army archetype.

  5. Man I hope it isn't a Gohan and piccolo super combo 😏

  6. Id prefer if they revealed some european events.

  7. The last SCR is the map of Europe. It is so rare that Bandai themselves struggle opening it 😂

  8. Cool how they made extra SCR cards for the first time. Keep up the great work bandai! And release this game in Japan! 🐉🐲

  9. Give Europe more events! We want to host them in Poland! We have all the means, players, rooms and willingness to do so!

  10. We all know piccolo is mediocre. Wasted slot for movie promotion really. Seems like you'll never be able to top pan or hatch SCRs. Luckily your set is better than all 3 SCRs so I'll be buying it. Give Europe this game

  11. the recent SCRs looks like SPR at max, and SPRs look like SRs, and SRs look like common cards.

  12. Please bring Dragon Ball Super Card Game to Germany 🙌

  13. Thank you guys for making a scr of my brothers Favorite character. He will absolutely use it whenever he can and I love how you revealed it here. Such a clean Scr.

  14. Awesome cards! Can't wait for the next set. Hopefully we will receive some news soon on the next quarter of regionals to kick off the set and summer season!

  15. Asco de carta… Ni sé mataron con el diseño 😞

  16. Okay now that you've caught up to where we were three weeks ago, can you reveal some in person official events for New Zealand?

  17. Could not see any texture on that 3rd SCR they didn't even show it off

  18. the dude on the right didn't look happy.

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