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Digimon Card Game 2022 Championship Finals official trailer

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  1. I want to participate in this but can't cause I live in India 😮‍💨

  2. this card game is too good, i love playing it and i would be very happy to participate in the next ChampionShip!❤

  3. this was a fun event! I loved that there were lots of side events to choose from as well.

  4. is the staff actual knowing what the fuck there doing this time?

  5. I saw myself! I was interviewed, but I guess it didn’t make the cut. 1:52

  6. <3 Event was amazing! First in person event for me of this size.

  7. This is really cool just started playing a couple of months ago and I have pretty much dropped the other games I have been playing just to keep up with this one but I wish there was more accessability. Maybe even a digital option for the tcg

  8. Best TCG I've ever played, hope to see it grow and continue playing it for a long time.

  9. 1:00 former yugioh player words right there lmao. That's truth though.

  10. I REALLY LOVE THIS CARD GAME….since the original card game i want it play but in argentina wasn't never popular the original card game….NOW with THIS card game i can play with my favourite digimons like weregarurumon and be really happy with this n.n

  11. Only card game I feel confident in deck building, its really fun hopefully will make to championship some day

  12. I hate it… the art so addicting… 😅😅😂😂❤❤❤ trying to get all the alt card

  13. Great event but definitely needs a lot of improvement no one knew anything about the LCQs, check in was a nightmare and the side events were incredibly poorly managed

  14. The event's day one sign-up process was disorganized and caused significant delays with only one line for all events. Attendees waited for up to four hours and confusion arose when tournament organizers failed to communicate clearly about deck submissions. There were no food options available, causing attendees to go without for more than half the day. Although exclusive merchandise was offered to day one sign-ups, attendees who signed up later received almost the same rewards with a much smoother process. For future 8-9 hour events, providing onsite sustenance would be beneficial.

  15. What an incredible event to be a part of! Can’t wait until next year’s 💪💪💪

  16. Please treat this game the same as you treat One Piece. One Piece right now is getting much better prizing as a new game than Digimon ever has.

    Don’t kill your game with your own game Bandai!

  17. A great card game and i had experience beating one of finalist in world championship in my localshop, hoping he getting champion or became top 3 good luck ben~👍🏼

  18. Is that the legendary Midwest sender? Dude is famous in the Midwest 0:20

  19. I so would love to get into this card game since I never got into the physical card game from way back when days. But I do not know any locals that have a community just yet near me. 🙁

  20. Never thought I'd get into a TCG…now here I am attending locals religously and make content on it haha. Honestly such a great card game to play, made some many great friends playing in tournements and talking to people on discord. Best decision picking up this game!

  21. I had a great time playing this year, and look forward to what the future holds.

  22. Please make this into a online game , physical tournaments just aren't doable for me.

  23. The card game is great! Fun to play, they do really well incorporating lore into the effects and great art. I hope the game is around for many years to come!

  24. Oh hey, my son at 0:13 representing all of us nostalgic kids out there 💪😃
    Had a great time, let's hope next year is even better and more organized!

  25. Love how HUGE this game got making Digimon popular as a franchise again! 😀
    Cyber Sleuth is a great video game that deserves more loves and sales but hopefully now with more players the next games will sell better like Pokémon always does.

  26. I randomly had the memory of collecting Digimon cards, and I wanted to see how the community was today. I’m very surprised and excited to see that this video was uploaded relatively a day ago. I’m looking forward to catching up on some of these tournaments

  27. This game is completely dead

  28. I can not believe that digimon is still so popular

  29. Love Digimon and love the card game. Played mtg and yugioh and it’s the most fun I’ve had playing a card game. Got 4 decks, working on 2 more, and am planning on building even more.

  30. I've played a lot of card games, but honestly this game does so many things right. The memory gauge is awesome. The way you can stack your mons to create synergies is awesome. Oh and the art on the cards is epic. If your on the fence about trying this game because it's digimon, stop, jump off the fence and embrace this amazing game!!

  31. Wow. Over 7 million views in 9 days!? Let's gooooooo!

  32. yall nerds still wearing masks? Weak modern males

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