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The Digimon Card Game is going global!
Your favorite Digimon arrive in a brand new card game!
The card game that digivolves you into a champion!

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The Digimon Card Game is a competitive trading card game.
Each player has a companion Digimon in the battle area to attack the opponent.
Your Digimon evolves, gets stronger, and gains new power!
You win by beating your opponent’s security (reducing your opponent’s Security Area cards to zero) and delivering a knockout blow!


  1. Hi,I'm a youtuber from Malaysia.Can I use this videos to edit my videos? Cause I want to introduce this card game to those player whose want to playing this card game.🙇

  2. Did wargreymon attk an unsuspended digimon?

  3. When will we see something of Vital Bracelet? We have too much love to give

  4. ( ͡° ○ ͡°)?


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  5. Card game is pretty cool but this song kinda slaps tho

  6. For those that are wondering what the bgm is for the trailer, its the Digimon Project Theme song. There isn't a official release of the song as of yet.

  7. We need a new anime based on the card game with a style similar to the original Yu-Gi-Oh anime!

  8. I love digimon especially digimon tamers the d reaper was epic

  9. I… Why am I here! I was watching graystillplays!

  10. Alguien sabe cómo se llama esa canción la que salió en el tráiler de digimon vital brasalete

  11. I wish It were like digimon card battle from psx 😪

  12. Does anyone know what the name of the song is for the trailer?

  13. everyone talking about the game but that music is it just me or is this song fire

  14. what is the song name if you tell me i will play the game and share to my friend

  15. Just make this a full Digital Game, what a mistake, lmao.

  16. What’s the name of the song in this trailer?

  17. what i really want to know is what the song is called?

  18. Should make a full online game till covids over 🤔

  19. Honestly they need to fix their stock issue with keeping the game in the stores inventories. Seems they have a real issue there just saying

  20. Pretty much every store in the Province I live in either ordered product and received none due to short printing, or received them but sold out instantly. So there's no real way for me to play it where I live but I would love to as a fan of Digimon and a fan of Card Games. : – |

    Ah and the one or two stores that do have a starter deck left have them at 5x retail price, so it's not worth it.

  21. They went all 90's on a commercial for a 90's card game that didn't stick because not even the creator understood its rules on some of the cards. I'd love for them to bring back those giga-Pet digiVises

  22. "With no monsters left on the field I summon the Dark Magician and attack for game."

    With a line like "The card game that digivolves you into a Champion", I can't resist bringing another card game ad quote to the table.

  23. I just hated that we actually need to tell them to start thinking about the digital version of the game, is fu@@ 2021!! And we are in the middle of a quarantine !!

  24. So, will this one be as good as one particular Japanese Digimon card game?

  25. Can´t wait to have a virtual game of this

  26. When in stock my local shop sells boosters for 11.99 each. Criminal.

  27. wish bandai will consider release this game in online version, with same concept like pokemon tcg online using barcode from physical booster pack 😕

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