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Digimon Card Game : Beelzemon X (Purple) VS Gallantmon X (Red) [BT-12]

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Digimon TCG 2020 : Beelzemon X (Paddy) VS Gallantmon X (CardProtagonist)

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  1. Hope there's video for Omegamon Alter S

  2. OMG Need the new beelzemon cards now!!!! Great match guys!!

  3. Cant have gallantmon win right? 😥
    All he needed was a Crimson Mode in his last turn

  4. as a Yugioh player this digimon card game looks fire 🔥🔥😁

  5. These matches are extremely fun to watch and the production value is absolutely insane. Not only can I easily follow what is happening as a new player, I am actually able to learn from what are essentially highly competitive/meta gameplay. I just subbed, can't wait to see more!

  6. Digimon World 3 music is always very very welcome^^

  7. Yay beelzemon finally got his revenge after all these years

  8. Love the content! You guys rock. Have you ever done a guide on how exactly to play? That would be rad

  9. Feel like the game goes at the perfect pace now, easy to follow but still exciting! Great work!

  10. Please could you tell me the name of the background song of the video of aegisdramon vs dragon link

  11. Sadly i knew broken beelzemon would win any card game if your constantly running through your deck and even if cards go to trash you still have access it's too many resources to keep up with

  12. Just a heads 9:50 you can’t activate on play effects before when attacking effects. That is only possible with on deletion effects.

  13. とても素晴らしい試合でした!ベルゼブモン最強!!

  14. Even in card game form, beelzemon is a total beast.

  15. I love how you guys always choose the most fitting soundtrack

  16. I don’t play digomon. Im a yugioh player but I love that you guys explain every card that way I have an understanding of what going on. This was a crazy match😂

  17. Took out 4 security in one turn and the memory gaining for beelzamon is crazy can't wait have already had my eyes set on it

  18. Can you make kingsukamon duels or mamemon vs metal greymon deck duels ? Brings some memory of digimon world 1 on ps1

  19. Beelzemon and Gallantmon deck fights always feels like a race to see who reach their winning image, which is fun to watch. Can't wait for the upgraded Imperialdramon deck fight, looking forward for that twist and turn with a splash of ridiculous finishers~

  20. I just got into the card game and I REALLY like how you guys do your videos, they're easy to follow and quite entertaining. Gonna binge watch your channel when I get the time lol.

  21. I wish there was a place where I could play this card game online. 🍀

  22. bro these card skill effect is getting out of hand lol. all I'm seeing is effect: delete, effect: delete, effect: delete, etc. etc. etc.

  23. This guy's videos have taught me how to play the card game so easily. Reading the instructions were so unclear on the little cardlets that came with the decks.

  24. I don't play this game myself, but I enjoy watching these duels. Great content

  25. Nice battle!!The quality of this battle and video are the best on Youtube. The display of card effect is really awesome!

  26. I love digimon and thought this was like a rematch, I learned how to kinda play the game from you guys 😮 thanks. Think their is a Veemon deck?

  27. Why there is no Video game Version for this new Digimon TCG

  28. I don't really understand how this game works but from what I know of another card game, if a deck discards cards from the hand or deck, you have to look at the effects of those cards, they can be the key to victory

  29. to bad it really never got as popular as yu gi oh

  30. Poderia existir um Digimon card batle online… Seria interessante.

  31. Can someone explain how Beelzemon Blast Mode attacked for game right after it had only just digivolved? Like what was giving it rush at that time? To my understanding of the game, digimon can't attack after digivolving unless there's blitz or rush keywords on the card itself or an inherited eff.

  32. Please tell me what’s the name of the background music, it’s soooo amazing

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