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Digimon Card Game : Beelzemon X (Purple) VS Gallantmon X (Red) [BT-12]

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Digimon TCG 2020 : Beelzemon X (Paddy) VS Gallantmon X (CardProtagonist)

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  1. I started building a Beelzemon deck and I'm so happy for this support! Let's go!!!

  2. Forgive me, but would Paddy NOT be able to activate Warring Shot/Rival's Barrage's delay effect since it enter the battle area of the same turn?

    EDIT: Alright I see it was a different one on the field already!

  3. That was an insane battle! Sorry but in this match i was cheering Paddy because im a total fan of Beelzemon hahaha. As always its recomfortable to see that you guys uploaded a battle, it makes me want to play this game 24/7 xDD. Hope to see you guys in the next year with more content and more battles to let us enjoy! Happy New Year for you and paddy! 🥳

    PD: I was quite busy so i couldnt comments the other videos 🥲, but i saw them all! And what can i say, im preparing so much decks for the next year hahaha! 🤣

  4. Beelzemon finally gets his revenge! This deck looks really wild.

  5. DAMN,SUCH A GOOD BATTLE ♥I didnt expect that hard comeback tbh,awesome decks,both of them

  6. Whoo! What a comeback! I’m so sorry I ever doubted you Paddy.

  7. Wow what a Digimon battle to end 2022 Gallantmon Put up an amazing fight but Bezzlemon had the advantage with all those milling effects blasting off like but both You where properly into to your Decks I’m wondering is CP a Gallantmon fan & Paddy a Bezelmon fan would make them your ace Decks guys I’m Curious? Anyways Happy New Year to you both 🙂🙂. Also thank you two for a year of hard fought battles 😎😎.
    Kind regards AuraKnight

  8. I can't wait to get my hands on the beelzemon starter deck!

  9. I hope I could watch shinegreymon 😉😉

  10. Since the When Attacking effects trigger when the digimon becomes suspended, can someone confirm if it is correct to activate the X Antibody effect to digivolve Beelzemon into BeelzeX when it was Impmon the one who got suspended to attact and warp digivolve to Beelzemon??

  11. AH!!!! I love all this new Beelzemon support. The deck is crazy good and the way he blitzed the win from a 0-4 disadvantage was insane!

  12. I was so torn on who i wanted to win because i love both. Great fight!

  13. Beelzemon VS. Gallantmon; my mind went straight to DW3

  14. 1 turn and the guilmon Rush could have kill him

  15. I'm a simple man. I see beelezemon I click, like, unlike, like again and favorite 😂

  16. Where did you guys get the CARD GAME sleeves?

  17. You had the win con right there with the second Gallantmon X if you had Crimson Mode in hand
    But aside from that; HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!🎆🎆

  18. Always great content! I love how everything needed for beelze is either recovered from trash or in hand. BT12 cant get to english tcg soon enough!

  19. I thought that Gallantmon deck was going to be annoying for Paddy to deal with but dang that win really came out of nowhere.

  20. Wonder what the other Great Demon Lords' X-Antibodies will be like.

  21. The game has evolved so well! I love the new support for both the Beelzemon and Gallantmon decks with how consistent the Beelzemon deck is and how destructive the Gallantmon deck has become!

  22. I did not expect that comeback. Great video

  23. Yeah the Gallantmon support doesn't really change anything meaningful for the deck while the Beelzemon support is a complete game changer that boosts the deck from fun but inconsistent into a serious competitive threat so this is a pretty good showcase of that.

  24. paddy calls him dukemon and cprotag calls him gallantmon. this isnt just beelzemon vs gallantmon

    this is sub vs dub

    thanks for the video!!

  25. Gallant found the Crimson for game a little too late. Good game none the less!

  26. Paddy cheated with Beelze X effect. The opponent trashes 1 sec for every 10 cards in paddy's trash. He had 27, therefore, only 2 cards should've been trashed not 3. He also gain 3 memory for every 10 when he should've gained only 2 because he had 27, not 30 cards in trash. He cheated

  27. Happy New Year, thank for make the clip of new Gallantmon Deck to end 2022, hope you'll make a clip of ChaosGallantmon Deck (EX4) next time and many greater clips in 2023

  28. Imma just say Beelzamon got lucky here. Had Gallantmon had crimson mode in hand a turn earlier that would have been game.

  29. This is the battle we've been waiting for! Happy New Year and look forward to another year of amazing videos!

  30. Dang, that was one hell of a turnabout for Beelzemon. Personally have a soft spot for the Demon Lord as I remember running a Digimon TTRPG for friends and I ended up putting Beelzemon in as a wandering loner character that the group got incredibly attached to. Way to go on the win, Papa Beelze! (That's the nickname the players would always call him)

  31. Happy new year! And thanks showing off these decks 🙂

  32. A great game to end the year! Had me nervous for a minute, thought Beelzemon was going to lose.

  33. The comeback was epic , awesome battle as usual. 💜
    Also, just wanna make sure r u guys calling our evil dude BeeZELmon ?? lol bcs i'm sure i didnt hear BeeLZEmon or even Beelzebumon.. 😅😝 (well either that or i should have an ear opperation 😁)

  34. Recently just watch Dukemon VS Beelzebumon from another vid, but Duke is the one who comeback. Really love these 2 rivalry battle…

  35. Dang, Beelzemon gained a really good power boost from starter deck Beelzemon & BT-12! I can't wait to build it for myself! XD

  36. Me: he's trashing his deck?

    At the end: how!?

  37. Maaad comeback from Beelzemon X! Great game, guys!

  38. Great music choice! I see what you did there 🙂

  39. Happy new year, CardProtagonist and Paddy! As always the ost for the duel is on point!
    Hope you guys cand make away more videos about digimon tcg this year!

  40. Digimon is going to be big buy your booster boxes now and don't be surprised if they take Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon spot as the number one collector and competitior game

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