Digimon Card Game : Cherubimon (Green) VS Kaisergreymon (Red) [EX-04] - c4gamingstudio.com

Digimon Card Game : Cherubimon (Green) VS Kaisergreymon (Red) [EX-04]

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Digimon TCG 2020 : Cherubimon “Terriermon” (Paddy)VS Kaisergreymon (CardProtagonist)

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  1. I played someone who played the rabbit deck and he had the funniest tech ever. He played mother D-reaper for a high DP suspend for alliance.

  2. Does anyone know what those DP value dice are called or where to find them?

  3. I gotta say, Ordinemon in Cherubimon is pretty interesting. I know it's a given considering that the top end is very Purple and Yellow heavy with the different Cherubimons but that was very cool to watch. I'm probably gonna lean more into the BlackMegaGargomon build for EX4 though, but I'll probably try this variant too

    Amazing match as always!

  4. I'm so excited to build red hybrid
    That deck looks incredible!

  5. OMG what a match this is my favourite match you have done since the Gammamon Match. I'm so excited for BT12 mainly for Red Hybrids

  6. Was not expecting to see BT8 Cherubimon or Ordinemon to show up here. Dang! The Alliance deck feels very fresh, I like it a lot. And I can get behind hybrid Digimon a lot more when it's a dedicated deck rather than a random hybrid for game 😂


  8. I knew Ordinemon would make an appearance in this game, so I’m glad to see that be brought to light. Though I was expecting Cherubimon to win because of it, I still enjoyed the outcome regardless. Hype game, as always

  9. Was expecting rabbits deck! Love u

  10. This was cool! EX4 has some awesome Digimon. I wanna combine the dark Guilmon line from this set with the new Belphemon 🤩
    Now if I just get X Tyrannomons and Apollomon I'll be the happiest tamer 🥰

  11. New Digimon card game from CP 👀 also thinking of starting to play at a cardshop I'm starting to go to. What should I start picking up to begin with? Looking for cheap budget deck

  12. This was an awesome game guys. Great job. 🙂 It's just a shame Bandai are STILL screwing around with the names by mixing up the Japanese and English names for the English cards. 🙁

  13. That Henry & Chu-Chong Tamer was really pulling its weight

    And yes, the Ordinemon took me by surprise

  14. So intense, that red hybrid was quite deadly with both kaisergreymon there

  15. This was such a back and forth game. I always love your matches.

  16. This game was insane, the end was Just both players showing they had a hidden gun as their ace, and then showing another hidden ace, i loved it

  17. I watched this match in my workplace and almost broke my neck when y flipped to see that INSANE play of jogressing both cherubis to play ordinemon. Totally unexpected

  18. Was hoping to see Susanoomon make an appearance in this game. He was even in the deck. Hopefully he will get his time to shine in the next games! Kudos to the great video again!

  19. an awesome battle i really enjoyed the alliance deck, so i wanted to use your build until i noticed that it was short 2 cards. but i'm looking foward to your next video. it's fun to watch

  20. This was almost as epic as the actual fight with cherubimon from frontier.

  21. I LOVE Terriermon and am itching for EX4 to come out in English to make this deck. Thanks so much for the preview of these cards!

  22. I swear Paddy is such a based deckbuilder, he always pulls out the sauce

  23. for as much as the ordinemon play hyped me up i dont like the yellow cherubi from this set and i still believe that i much prefer to use blackmegagargomon instead even tho i didn't playtested it yet

  24. really wish you would include links to written decklists. not all of us know the names of the cards and it's extra unnecessary work to try and match the picture of every card when you don't know their name

  25. That was a good match, I liked both decks actually, but, why there is 48 cards in Cherubimon's deck?

  26. This battle is awesome, great plays! Does anyone know the soundtrack for this match?

  27. ngl the moment I saw the pass with two green memory boosts and zero security I knew something big was about to go down.

  28. when i saw you spend 7 memory i though you gonna summon so big that early.
    but is just a big set up for later turn XD very big set-up

  29. I’m so glad I decided to return to digimon, I can’t wait for this set

  30. Sweet Kaizergreymon deck! Is there any chance you guys could make a deck for MagnaGarurumon that's on a similar power level and theme? I'd love to get both decks at some point to play against either other for home games.

  31. Good to see the superiority of red still strong

  32. Me, at the start of the video: What, Paddy's not playing purple?!
    Me at 5:43 : oh nevermind, he's playing purple.

  33. Is the Terriermon list missing 2 floodgate Terriermons? The photo only has 48 main deck cards + 4 digi-eggs

  34. That was an insane match, loved both decks. Will you be doing a blackmachgargomon deck match too?

  35. hello excellent game, I would like to know what they are called or how to get the object with which they add the dp.

  36. Absolutely nice (and freaking) comeback at the end of the game

  37. Its cringe for hearing you say emperorgreymon instead of its japanese name kaisergreymon

  38. Lets goooo always happy to see my boi Kaisergreymon getting some TCG action. Also, that Ordinemon play was crazy, definitely did not expect that board wipe haha
    Pd really loved Aldamon's little evo animation n.n

  39. Can I get some help in choosing a deck to start with on this game I asked multiple times and no one answered me but they answered someone else

  40. I still don't know how the hell you play this game but it's so interesting watching

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