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DIGIMON CARD GAME English Version Launch Trailer

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DIGIMON Card Game from Japan is making its English debut in January 2021!
Your favorite Digimon arrive in a card game!
Incredible Digimon battles await!

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  1. They really should make a online/mobile client to reach a grander audience

  2. Please consider translating the mobile app tutorial to English and promote it so more people can know about this trading card game!!!

  3. Hell yeah I need a new card game after what Yu-gi-oh became

  4. Remember the digital card game from Digimon World 2003?


  5. Boring. I thought it was gonna be a modern take on Digital Card Battle for PS1.

  6. あ!楽しみ!

  7. Digimon season 1 is the Kanto of Digimon. Lol
    Where's Guilmon?

  8. You know which anime could get a better live action spin off? Digimon. There were tamers from all over the world at the end of season 2. So much potential, get on it guys.

  9. Physical card game in the age of mobile phones? you sure about that?

  10. If you want for this game succeed you really need to focus on digital aspects of too, its digital world we live in now apps dominate everything you might not release an app for it now but you’ll need to after at least a year or so!

  11. I think they need the new adventure digivice in English too .

  12. This card game needs a pc and mobile game too

  13. I've watched this so many times and already preordered a case of the prerelease from my LGS I'm beyond psyched to have a good digimon tcg!

  14. Question: Will we see the Coronamon and Alphamon Digivolution love line?

    Fan Request: Please remake Digimon World Dawn and Dusk for Switch!

  15. Yaaas can't wait finally thank u now I dont have to play pokemon TCG anymore. <3 (No hate I still like pokemon TCG too but omg about time for a digimon one now!)

  16. Bandai please release the pendulum v-pets in English. The card game is making me want to buy more digimon product and those v-pets have caught my interest too!

  17. Hope this doesn't die. Would be cool to have it not die.

  18. I’m so happy they’re coming back! Support your local hobby shops if you want to see this become a success like I do

  19. I hope this game will last over 2 years. 20+ years please. 🙂 I am putting my life savings into this TCG. I want an excuse to get away from MTG.

  20. Like everyone else has said, make it online. You can't play cards games in person right now. And even when you can, every card game falls on its face. You reach less people and you essentially set yourself up for failure. I prefer to play in the comfort of my own environment and not have to deal with the handful of smelly unbathed obnoxious weirdos and antifa sympathizing moron neck-beards.

  21. A online version like in "Magic the Gathering" will blow my mind. A e–sport aspect in games boost the sales.

  22. So expensive. My mom gonna slap me and not gonna buy me the card game 🙁 Pepehands

  23. if you would of told me in early 2000s digimon would have any trace of revenue still in 2020 i would of laughed in your face

  24. Bring to Brazil pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  25. would be pretty cool if you restocked in australia


  27. Is someone know if the ost exist on his hown ?
    And what's his name ?

  28. I've seen people in my tiny town playing this in the cafe where I work! It's amazing to see that part of my childhood is making it's way back to me in the present! I loved Digimon as a child, and still love it now. Here's hoping I get the courage to ask those who are playing where they got their cards… It's like Digimon Tamers in reality

  29. Man… I adore Digimon but, will you please stop using the dub names?

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