Digimon Card Game : Four Great Dragons(Yellow) VS Black Imperialdramon (Purple) [EX-03] - c4gamingstudio.com

Digimon Card Game : Four Great Dragons(Yellow) VS Black Imperialdramon (Purple) [EX-03]

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Digimon TCG 2020 : Four Great Dragons(Paddy) VS Black Imperialdramon (CardProtagonist)

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  1. Again this is the content people need to watch if their looking to get into the game before learning how to play , because they can get excited to see how certain decks perform and maybe want to try them themselves

  2. こんにちは。いつも楽しみにしています!

  3. I have a question… At 3:22 the memory gauge went to Paddy yet your turn didn't end? I understand you have to resolve all of your abilities but how did you get an attack off if the memory gauge was at 2 on Paddy?

  4. Wow! Just wow! A fantastic sample of EX03! Makes me reconsider wanting to run Imperialdramon in the format when we get it here in the U.S!

  5. Come on, the imperialdramon player end his turn so long ago and still the effects allow him to keep making movés that's so stupid

  6. I love how y’all don’t built top 1 meta style decks, you just show us how consistent the new stuff on its own is. Great video as always, and I can’t wait to see future decks/videos! Keep it up 💯

  7. man, realy love to play this game, but sadly don't have any local store to play it T_T

  8. Finally Yellow has some diversity love the four dragons deck. 🐉 💛

  9. This was a good match. Three memory is such a key thing for Imperialdramon

  10. Not only is the content and editing always amazing, explaining the moves makes it so beginner friendly-I really appreciate it!!

  11. These videos are the reason I got into playing this card game. Very easy to follow along and learn from. Love how much information is given while also having fun. I would love to know what music is used for these videos.

  12. Loved the added VFX animations this go around! Y’all keep getting better and better!

  13. The calling from darkness really works that way, i mean, if you dont has a digimon on play to pay the cost of the card?

  14. Thanks for always uploading these awesome vids they made me get into the game last week.

    Question though, where can I get the dual side playmat you guys us in your videos, I’d loveeeee to have one.

  15. A new player here, at 7:42 min, when the calling from the darkness card is activated, my understanding is that when there is no digimon to be deleted on the field, the card should not be able to be used? or like in a video, is this how the game works?

  16. Good video!
    Just a small thing but at 10:56 you can't pass on Gabumon's ESS, it's a mandatory effect (not that it would change the outcome). Not a big deal but relevant in tournament setting.

  17. Where did you guys get those +4000 counters? I would love something like that to help my girlfriend keep track of things while we play. thanks for your help in advance!

  18. Okay that was hype as hell. Earned a sub from me dude. New player to the TCG and watching your battles has been some of the funnest ways to learn how things work! Keep it up Tamer!

  19. At 6:30 Angewomon activates an effect due to a Great Dragon being played, shouldn't this effect have been resolved Before the Veemon and Wormmon were played, since turn-player has effect priority? This isn't a rhetorical question btw, Im just asking to understand the rules better.

  20. The action, as always, was insane!

    Btw, where'd you get the mat and sleeves?

  21. I’m newbie but your channel make me an idea how can i build my deck. Keep up the great work guys

  22. I remember a Friend of mines tried to play this deck and they bricked so hard, they never want to touch the deck again.

    Thanks for showcasing it so I can show my friend what they needed to build it properly XD

  23. It's great seeing these, but it would also be nice seeing decks play against other archetypes.

  24. @CardProtagonist first let me say I always love watching your videos. I don't have anyone in my area to play digimon with, so they're the closest I get to the game itself. I have a ruling question that maybe you or someone else can answer for me. @ 7:40 when you play Calling From the Darkness, I'm reading it as the delete 1 of your Digimon is an additional cost to playing the card. Only after that you can return the two purple Digimon. Am I misunderstanding the wording, and/or has this already been brought up and I just didn't see it? I hope to see more videos like this in the future!!

  25. Can someone tell me what song did he use for this video it sounds familiar?

  26. Hi all, I'm new to the game and cant understand why when opponent has zero security, you can direct attack to win, but they have an active digimon in battle area? Surely youd have to clear the board first for a direct attack, no? Probably because I play yugioh, the conditions for a direct attack are generally when there are no monsters on the field makes me think this way lol

  27. You can ignore the first effect of Calling From the Darkness to delete your Digimon THEN take 2 digimons from trash to hand? I always thought its a mandatory requirement.

  28. That final turn was the definition of epic

  29. Love all your videos, they are so cool but just wondering at 8.20 isn't that a misplay by Paddy using the delay effect of trial the same turn he played it?

  30. sorry but…where do you get herissmon p-068 from in europe? it's impossible to find it.

  31. I just bought a box of ex3, I wanted Imperialdramon so bad but I instead pulled an entire four great dragons core. This battle is really making me consider building the deck out

  32. That was a great video! But it prompted me to have a rules question. When a Digimon with piercing attacks and deletes a Digimon with an on deletion effect, why would the on deletion effect not resolve before the security checks? I noticed twice in this game that the on deletion effects waited until all security checks were done, and I thought it would have resolved before security.

  33. I know it's late, but I was binging their Digimon vids and came to the realization that this is the first uploaded game where Protag is using a purple deck.

  34. hey, I love how you make your videos! great entertainment. But as a new player, I have a question: Can you play mist memory boost although your digimon was only in your breeding area? I thought you need a purple digimon or purple tamer in your battle area

  35. (trial of four great dragon) is really one of the most broken card ever

  36. God i love the music in this video so much.
    Alphamon vs Dexdorugoramon
    Jesmon vs Ragnaloardmon
    Bloomlordmon vs Jesmon GX all have this music ugh i love it so much.

  37. Love your videos guys, especially how you trigger effects, helps understand timing

  38. When Angewomon sigivolves and allows you to play your trial card. Do you draw for the trials first effect?

  39. Idk if anyone else noticed but their security stacks are placed doen differently and that bugs me a bit lol

  40. God I really wish there was a Digimon tcg online game.

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