Digimon Card Game : Imperialdramon Fighter Mode (Blue) VS Omnimon Alter-S (Black) [EX-04] - c4gamingstudio.com

Digimon Card Game : Imperialdramon Fighter Mode (Blue) VS Omnimon Alter-S (Black) [EX-04]

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Digimon TCG 2020 : Imperialdramon Fighter Mode (Paddy) VS Omnimon Alter-S (CardProtagonist)

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  1. That omnimon alter s deck is crazy he built a full stack with 2 memory

  2. Subbed for the wonderful gameplay and for getting me back into the card game since the original Digimon card game.

    Also I'm going for the Black Agumon deck (Black/Red).

    Plus, I'm very delighted that Alter-B is finally making its card debut..

  3. Even I didn't play the game anymore (can't find anyone to play within my area), I still enjoying watching your video and really make me itching to play again. Your edit, pacing, audio quality, is on another level. All of the cards are clear to see, effect are highlighted, even a total noob can understand the state of the game. You are one the best TCG (not on Digimon TCG) content creator on youtube right now.

  4. Man imperialdramon is gonna be deadly af. It just needs some tweaking

  5. Love these videos. Every time I see a new one pop up, it is such a treat to watch. Please keep them coming!! <3

  6. So basically if the stars align you gain memory and draw 1 and infinite combo for omegamon alter S/B

  7. Question. Alter-B > RagnaLordmon in this deck, or RL still a better option? (I put Alter-B because it is the finisher, and RagnaLordmon can appear faster, and costs less to activate it's effects)

  8. I had no idea what was going on but I'm glad this was in my recommendations, it was entertaining to watch!

  9. Woah, these new decks are really crazy, Alter S being able to climb at a low cost while also gaining memory along the way. Imperial gaining memory on DNA digivolution and Imperial Fighter Mode return effect are something else as well, truly amazing performence from the cards and the players.

    Though, I'm a bit suprised that we're going at a fast pace here. Maybe tight schedule, or anything 🙂 Not really familliar with the fast talk, but hey the editting has improved! Glad to start the year with a bang!

  10. Is there a mobile version of this Card game? Looks intreesting

  11. Alter-S is supposed to enter the bottom of the security stack, not the top. It doesn't seem like it affected the gameplay of this match much luckily

  12. Some strange choices in the deck lists. Main ones being you’re Running the old ken and none of the new dragon modes?

  13. I hope this card battle will be implemented in game 😀

  14. I'm not sure why this was suggested to me but I was entertained and I am intrigued

  15. Holy cow! I did not expect that last turn from Omnimon. This is why I love digimon tcg so much. Games can turn around just like that. Now I've got another deck to look forward to building.

  16. The last play was plot armour at its finest 😫😂

  17. Love your channel!!! Will you be doing a video with the updated Blue Flare?

  18. That evolution back to evolution at the end was insane, it felt like they really translate the feeling of evolving in the anime to Mega in the card game

  19. Omnimon alter-S deck is kinda fun but the combo is hard to achieve.

  20. 朝霧asagiri【デジカ初心者】 says:


  21. I don't understand what is happening but it sounds epic

  22. no entendi ninguna wea xd pero me encanta la edicion que le ponen

  23. Wow this looks amazing. I really wish there was an online way to play the game tcg

  24. alter S effect is when leave on field put on bottom security not top security

  25. I want to learn to play this!
    You make it easy to follow, also I love the energy both of you have, it seems like you're having a blast playing 😀
    (And the edits are siiiick)

  26. Sadly on real fights, Omnimon Alter-S works very very bad, the deck is worse than Blackimperialdramon. Moreover, Omnimon Alter-S has never win any tournament.

  27. That last turn was amazing! How good would that Cresgarurumon be in a blue deck?

  28. Turns are getting longer…and longer…and longer..bout to be YuGioh status

  29. Your videos are absolutely fantastic. Stay ace my dudes ❤

  30. I’m confused I thought you only draw a card on your draw phase, or if it’s a ability. But they seem to draw with every digivolve regardless

  31. man, the plays for the omegamon alter s deck is crazy!

  32. It so entertaining to watch because how smooth the game progress.

  33. Doesn't Greymon lose Timing "when digivolving effect" Since Tamer Tai & Matt resolves, Then Gabumon on play effect Also resolves?

    Does Greymon Really can activate His digivolving effect even After all those effects between?

  34. You should do a tyrantkabuterimon vs video plz

  35. best digimon match videos channel . always on top ! keep it going dude love when u give us digimon stuff

  36. I wish they made an actual video game like this.

  37. great video as always. Could you make a video for susanoomon vs other final jogress/fusion digimon?

  38. I can't wait to play this Omnimon deck when ex4 drops!!!

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