Digimon Card Game : Mervamon (Purple) VS UlforceVeedramon (Blue) [BT-11] - c4gamingstudio.com

Digimon Card Game : Mervamon (Purple) VS UlforceVeedramon (Blue) [BT-11]

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Digimon TCG 2020 : Mervamon (Paddy) VS UlforceVeedramon (CardProtagonist)

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  1. That was a long one but ***** got there in the end. Very entertaining match.

  2. Both decks look like so much fun. I wanna play them. XD

  3. That song was a banger in the hacker’s memory ost! Good match pretty close

  4. Anticlimactic hybrid for game. Good match still.

  5. Bandai releasing secret rare tamers: I use card rarities finish your wallet!

  6. Many effects played out of order in this video, most that would result in missed effect timings

  7. 9:48 Wait, that works? You can use Mervamon's DigiXros ability even though you're not paying the play cost anyway?

  8. Wow, that was quite the comeback. I was actually rooting for the Mervamon but at least it was close.

  9. Can someone please pass me the Mervamon deck list please?

  10. I love the game play but come on Paddy you had game on board

  11. I know nothing about digimon but the production on this video is seriously amazing 👏🏿

  12. naaaa if mervamon plays the demidevimon and attack for game (rush for mervamon effect) ulforce must blocks and mervamon can finish the game…

  13. “I gain 9 memory continuing my turn.”


    The what did me in. LMFAO

  14. God damn I can't wait for BT11 to come to the states. I am gonna go ham and make sure I update my Ulforce deck. So satisfying to see a total of 7 tamers. Unfortunate that VeeVee didn't get the ending blow, but the hybrid for game is always fun.

  15. Huh, I oddly expected JetMervamon to be showcased. That is on me.

    Anyway, awesome synergy there with Cerberumon. Minervamon is pretty "godly" card. Could use Lucemon with ease.

  16. Paddy was lost, but I still want to make a Mervamon deck when it get in the EN version of the tcg… Probably due to the waifu factor

  17. Ulforce: You game me memory? Understandable, prepare for combat.

  18. I think it'd be great if there was an actual card list for each deck. I have trouble telling what is what when you show them.

  19. What a match so satisfying to see Ultraforce wins

  20. The new Ulforce meta makes the deck way more consistent, I love it

  21. Really enjoyed this match. Where can we find the soundtrack that you guys use for your videos?

  22. Hold on, why not play the DemiDevimon he returned and swing with that at 11:00 rather than swing minerva and die? It would have had rush due to having retaliation, and it's effect only stops it attacking digimon, not security.

  23. Hi can you tell me what video editing software you use?

    Thank you in advance!! ^^

  24. 1 mistake from paddy. he could finish the game by calling demidevimon. since its cost 3 and he have 3 memory left. and demidevimon gain rush because its has retaliation. attacking the security will force the ulforce to block the attack and the finish the game with mervamon attack. i though paddy thinking like that when adding 1 demidevimon and 1 gabumon(adding gabumon to evolve demimeramon) but he didn't think like that.

  25. The Lobomon4Game was nasty but it was unfortunate that Paddy had lethal and missed it 😢

  26. As a beginner, the breakdown of what you are doing is sooo good 🙂

  27. Been trying to find the decklist for the ulforceveedramon deck. Anyone can help?

  28. From Mervamon Decklist, what's the name of the first card? (left to right)


  30. Holy shit, the amount of stuff during the turn and how they interact , looks pretty cool

  31. Nice duel! Was really enjoyable to watch and nice of you to explain every effect that is happening.
    Also, where can I get the for e.g. the +1000 attack power slots that you use @5:56

  32. I get the same feeling playing Minervamon as I did playing Lilith Loop. When it happens it's unstoppable but most of the time you're always just a couple cards short or your attack feels lackluster for all the effort you put into working through the combo.

  33. I love the editting. Cant wait till the digimon tcg gets a master duel

  34. what is the name of the background song?

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