Digimon Card Game : Mirei Mastemon (Purple) VS Black Wargreymon X (Red) [BT-11] - c4gamingstudio.com

Digimon Card Game : Mirei Mastemon (Purple) VS Black Wargreymon X (Red) [BT-11]

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Digimon TCG 2020 : Mirei Mastemon (Paddy) VS Black Wargreymon X (CardProtagonist)

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  1. In case none of you knew

    Mirei and Yuuya are from Digimon World Re:Digitize on the psp
    It never got released overseas
    Same with the Digimon Adventure psp game

    The former game is the sequel to World 1 and then Next 0rder on Vita came after that

  2. Am i missing something? Retaliation should've went off twice

  3. first time seein this card game, but i love how into it they are~ "your Chaos Degrade is USELESS!" i wish more irl tournaments would be like this

  4. Is there still no online game for this?

  5. Very nice plays guys 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  6. Digimon has really changed. I can barely follow this lol

  7. this game felt like I'm watching a tcg anime lol

  8. 5:21 & 6:16 i don't know how rule digimon tcg work, it is suppose only active once ?

  9. I don't know the game and I don't understand what's happening, but I was hooked nonetheless. The effects on this video are pure fire! Great job!

  10. I absolutely love your videos they’re so high quality and the battles are epic! Keep up the good work!

  11. Doesn't X Antibody in the P-026 Blackwargreymon stop his digi bursting effect since you can't trash cards while it has X Antibody?

  12. im not sure when a digimon card anime will release but i think i want a fanmade animation of this in anime style also this is my first time watching this so i am sorry if i dont know anything previous to/or seen anything else i also havent watched the whole video so like this might be cool i gained little spoilers like mastedevimon and thats it this looks pretty cool on its own but i feel like it would be more cooler if it was in those anime styles sorry for the long paragraph

  13. sale caro el deck de mirei por que me gusto no se gujar pero por ese deck aprendo se ve chido

  14. Hi there! Will you guys be able to show off a XrosHeart deck in the new BT12/EX4 format?

  15. As someone who just got into the game & is currently building a similar Mastemon deck, this was both entertaining and educational

  16. What brand of clear sleeve are these?? I know they are doubled I just wanna know the outer sleeves

  17. Banda really needs To make a anime based on these

  18. I’m so intimidated by these decks after watching this

  19. Let's GOOOOOOO PADDY!! Loved seeing the new Mastemon support at work. Really looking forward for it to come out in English for my Maste deck. Amazing game as usual. Keep up the amazing work!

  20. the duel was great, i wonder do you have a playlist for the Digimon background songs?

  21. if your deck lost, does that mean it's terrible?

  22. I love how both decks are played to the best of their abilities. Really thought BlackWargreymon X would survive the last turn but the Ordinemon play was really smart. Good match. It's making me interested in game. I'll be getting a deck soon so thank you for the entertaining fights.

  23. omg the comeback from angel type digimon is epic. i thought the greymon type wil win.

  24. When something seems really cool butyou have no idea whats going on. lmao

  25. Why dosent retaliation from devimon activate, killing the greymon in 4:03???

  26. How is it possible that you used your tamer kari’s “at the start of turn if memory is less than three, make it three memory” skill twice in one turn. This happened around 14:46

  27. I thought it was a new digimon video card game before I saw this lol would be fun if they made this into a video game

  28. FIrst time in my life I see this card game. Looks really cool. And the editing and explaining is helping a lot for someone like me, who has no clue of how the game's played. Also the cards have really cool designs!

  29. Im glad to see 2 of my favorite decks. It was hard to watch the deck i plan to play lose but that probably is more based in lore and such. I think the main goal of bwgx is to control the board rather than playing agro. So the promo black wargreymon was probably not as clean to run

  30. So I don't play digimon tcg, and this is my first time seeing a battle, and boi is it nutty, makes me wanna get into it! Can anyone give me a ballpark figure of how much both these decks would cost individually? How do the prices compare to a game like vanguard? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  31. 1:35 why doesnt he needed to pay memory to evolve? could anyone explain?

  32. I wanna get into Digimon TCG but there is no community here. Hope there will be a digital version soon.

  33. Great editing makes following the duel entertaining and educational

  34. I honestly still don't fully understand how this card game works, but it looks very cool!

  35. Turn 3 for Greymon he forgot to draw for evolving twice

  36. can you post decklists in the description too? i can't read japanese and i can't get the names of the cards off that alone

  37. Can't wait to play yuuya bro. The words "chaos degration is useless!!!" are the most beautiful words I've ever heard in my LIFE.

  38. Dang this was insane. Every single turn I thought the other person was going to win.

  39. holy shieart, that new purple-yellow tamer is very stronk

  40. Why did Candlemon trigger twice for the turn that Mastemon came out?

  41. What does he mean the candle effect was reset after DNA digivolving

  42. Did I miss something? Why didn’t that Devimon retaliate on grey x ?? If it has rush it should have retaliate too ?

  43. I guess this is all to promote bt11 which comes out in the west in a few weeks. But are these cards better than their counterparts ?

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