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Digimon Card Game: My EX04 Deck Lists

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My Blue Flare/DarkKnight Video:

00:00 Blue Flare & DarkKnight
01:52 Alter S
06:59 Armor Control
11:46 Security Control

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Intro Animation by Cameron Kaustinen
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  1. Ive never wanted to play sec con but mannnn this variant looks kinda fun. Am i joining the dark side?

  2. Merci Mode is great here! Great vid 🙂 -Wynter

  3. You can get a Black Koramon from BT11.You can also run Ragnalordmon as a top end.

  4. Are u sure about heavens judgement giving u one plus ur colors

  5. Ooooouh. You said to heck with Alter B and went with Merciful Mode – bright side, black memory boost can find Alter B since it is a black target.
    For Armor Rush – would you consider using Shinegreymon: Ruin Mode instead?
    The last list is perfect.

  6. Wished I could have seen some ChaosGallantmon lists :p

  7. I think its cool that Nokia is included as she is partner with both Agumon and Gabumon, very on theme. But I feel like that deck might be a bit on the slow side, playtesting is needed..

  8. As someone who plays Mother Reaper security control, I can say your deck would function, but needs some optimization. If played well you can easily go 2-2 at locals if not 4-0 depending on match-ups.

    As for why the mother package, it is to increase the amount of healing the deck does while adding a "holy wave" that cannot be negated by ADP, Aldamon and other similar effects.
    As for tamers, generally speaking, Mirei Mikagura it a noob trap. You are spending a turn to play a card that is neither recovering nor removing a body, nor progressing your ability to win. Thus slowing you down a lot. You would be better off playing more Kari and Mimi tamers and just playing around the tamer removal. Also, any amount of purple Kari under 3 is a mistake. If you are running less than 3 you might as well remove all of them.

    Even with ShadowSeraphimon I would still not use Zwart Defeat. DeathX or Shinegreymon: Ruin Mode would be better. Generally speaking, removal from all decks is really good now-a-days. As such, keeping a level 6 on the field, let alone anything lower, is really hard. So keeping your low levels on the field in order to digivole into 5, 6, then 7 is incredibly rare. This means you are drawing a dead card anytime you draw Zwart Defeat, and you WILL draw him. Zwart defeat also requires it to die to get a deletion effect and does not recover. Making it's synergy with the deck as a whole very flimsy and more often than not a detriment to the deck. If you REALLY want to run him he can only be a 1 of at best.

    Otherwise, everything else is personal ratios. Personally, I would run 2-3 of the BT1 Seraphimon and 1-3 of the ShadowSeraphimon. As there is too much removal that avoids deletion at the moment and a guaranteed recovery is more valuable, statistically. Plus, you are more likely to keep turn and get more draws going BT-01 Seraphimon into ShadowSeraphimon. You also need to keep an eye out for hunters sealing your MagnaAngemons under tamers. As such, I am considering running a few hybrids to sack into security as a means of freeing them. Though, I admit, this may be unnecessary and overly complicating the issue.

    And finally, a fun idea I had: since I was running the Mother package for the mega zoo Machinedramon deck and was enjoying it, I am going to look for a way to play blue card in this deck. Which could allow for Mirei Mikagura to make its way back into the deck.

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