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Digimon Card Game: Zulu’s BT12 Pre-Regionals! Top 16 Deck Lists!

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Shout outs to my Co-commentator @Digi-Panda

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Deck Lists:


00:00 Intro
02:35 Michael Obear’s 1st Place Xros Heart
05:02 Andy Phan’s 2nd Place WarGreymon
06:59 Sergiy Chernyshov’s 3rd Place Beelzemon X
09:10 Zakary Georgis-Yap’s 4th Place Blue Flare
10:08 Chandra Raharja’s 5th Place BWGX Red Base
11:49 Kyle Newey’s 6th Place BWGX Black Base
14:16 Antonio Leovan’s 8th Place Hunter
16:29 William Jeyasingham’s 15th Place Sec Con

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  1. From what I can see the event was only 64 people, is there any way to check the overall representation each deck had? I feel that'll be a significant influence on the top 16.

  2. It's interesting that the one of Xros Heart took the top spot. Speed is keeeeeeeeey.

  3. Tesero has been grinding out this Beelzemon X deck for three days straight and has had a lot of success with it. Shout out to them.

  4. Mervacross is cancerigenous for the game, and needs to go.

  5. Sec Con just keeps existing. God i hate that deck.

  6. That Sec con list looks like ass omg. Like terrible.

  7. 11:39 You said core reduction when you were talking about Win Rate lmao someone’s got Battle Spirits on the mind 👀🤣

  8. Surprised to see black-base BWG doing well, bt11 AguX really carrying it now in terms of protection.

  9. Having top 16 is definitely better. Seeing new archetypes is nice buy the main value is seeing a more accurate representation of performance.

  10. In German Adventure Series 02 from Raid and Traid, was top 8 , 2x hunters and 6 beelze decks Q.Q

  11. Is there a place to see all 64 deck archetypes used?

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