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Disciple of the Vault – A Last Minute Change BROKE This Card! #mtg

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  1. Love finding out about new cards for my Cleric kindred deck.

  2. Given that affinity was practically tier 0/0.5 in standard, the fact that it triggers when any artifact hits any graveyard would also be extremely relevant to the mirror

  3. Both of those would murder a treasure deck.

  4. Add each to the card. MAY have "Each" player lose 1

  5. This was the all star win for hulk flash vefore it got banned

  6. How is having a Disciple of the Vault and an Atog out so deadly? If you just have those two you can't do too much.

  7. Flash, Protean Hulk, get your 4 disciples and a bunch of X/X creatures that die when they come in to play.

    Could kill your opponent on their upkeep before either player "had a turn"

  8. I used myr retriever and ashnods altar in a type 1 deck beck in the day. I could turn 1 win 😂

  9. I still think it would have likely been banned in Pauper and Standard even without that change. That's how cracked this is.

  10. Life gain is not symmetrical to damage. You don't win the game by getting to 40 life (not without another card in play) so it is not the same.

  11. Why wasn't this printed in the sultai fallout deck?

  12. Mirrodin and last minute game breaking design changes, name a more iconic combo.

  13. So. I played in mirrodin standard. My friend being a poor teenager couldn’t afford glimmervoids and ravagers. So he played the deck with Atog instead. It was just as degenerate and he even won a couple of FNMs vs the spoiled rich kid with foil playsets of the expensive version

  14. Yeah, I agree the card is overpowered.

  15. not the last minute change story I was expecting. still don't think it's as bad as skullclamp

  16. AFAIK, they didn't have an actual play design team back then, or even a fully-fledged Future Future League (which got properly established around the time of Khans). At best, it was up to Development (now Set Design), and extra unofficial games jammed in by employees during their free time (and those results weren't recorded in-depth like how they are now by Play Design/the Future Future League).

  17. Getting more than one disciple in play and having a couple artifact lands in addition to the sac' outlet offered so much reach toward the end of games.

  18. TIL Disciple of the Vault is part of a mirrored pair

  19. The fact that these decks just jammed 20 artifact lands and free artifact stuff meant that the deck was broken at the jump.

  20. Life gain < life loss

    It's not at all symmetrical 😅

  21. I have two words to disprove your theory: Blood Artist.

    Disciple at 2 mana still would have broken the game and been banned back then.

  22. Magic and treating lifegain as if it's equal to damage (or in this case, life loss). Name a more iconic combo.

  23. Nowadays it'd be a 1/2 and trigger once per turn

  24. My favorite and first real win con when I s started getting into magic with Mirrodin. It was totally broken back then especially with that sword that destroys everything.

  25. 1 mana less is not what makes it broken

  26. Every single time Mirrodin has been visited by WOTC it has broken the game itself typically in a way that resulted in a requirement for a total change of the game system.

    The ability to drop an infinite cycle of sacrifice/play to gain infinite life and drain your opponents for infinite, or attacking with an infinite/infinite with deathtouch, trample, and first or double strike. The ability to fling an infinite/infinite creature, the ability to steal everything from your opponents including their turn, the ability to take infinite turns, the ability to destroy or exile anything of your choice at instant speed, attack with an infinite army, the ability to make all of your stuff indestructible, hexproof, flash, uncountable, draw infinite cards. All of these things were possible in the first Mirrodin block and in the second all of those plus infect, then to the third/fourth they added game breaking Planeswalkers and toxic and alternative versions of infect and other similarly absurd effects and abilities and just to top it off you couldn't risk having even a single poison counter because your opponent would probably be getting some kind of major benefit from it.

    Mirrodin/ new phryexia have always caused major problems with the game balancing because of how those blocks and those related to them were so absolutely focused on Artifacts and the ability to produce insanity which kinda feels on point for phryexia in general. This said I went to a tournament where my entire deck that was legal at the time was banned from that particular location. This was because I won almost every single game I played using a less powerful and less expensive version of what another player had spent almost 300 dollars on. This said the deck was completely legit but that one player was absolutely angry so much so that they complained to the owner of the establishment and they were banned completely while I was only not allowed to use that deck there. This said that same player also knowingly incorrectly played a discard card that was not in English and he did it knowingly and with the intention of cheating. He played a one mana sorcery as if it was an instant and he made a friend of mine discard not non-lands but any two cards he wanted. This card doesn't exist and never did but the guy cheated.

  27. Even without infinite loops, this card is so nuts

  28. I rememberPutting two bait and bludgeon decks together put some cranial plating in and mop the floor with people 😃

  29. Regarding the reduction of mana cost, something similar happened with Rancor, has it not?

  30. Didn't know the Palakana Haku were apart of the Majima Family

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