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Disney Lorcana | Trading Card Game | TCG News | Magic the Gathering Competitor

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The Commander’s Quarters is your Magic the Gathering source that helps you Command Your Budget! Magic the Gathering has a brand new competitor…Disney Lorcana has been revealed!


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  1. The star on Stitch is the mana symbol on his printed card.

  2. I bet the symbol is how you win or lose. For example you need to “banish” 15 symbols worth of your opponents cards to win

  3. No lands, no mana screw. FF is still around.
    This'll stick around on a familial level. I hope it is successful. Btw One Piece tcg is coming soon.

  4. I am really interested. I feel like its almost an investment even if you never play the game based on the trajectory of magic over the years

  5. My theory about the white symbols at the bottom right are they indicate how much damage you receive if the creature is killed. This way creatures are challenging creatures and not friends but the life points are still been effected. So if my Micky Mouse challenges your Cruella and wins, you would lose one life point.

  6. i think the symbol ( loko like a crystal???) is your mana source, you discard mickey get 4 mana, discard maleficent get 2, this is my shot for this symbols

  7. Why can’t we see Disney secret lair? This doesn’t change that

  8. Maybe the right side Lorcana markings are similar to prize cards in pokemon? You take that amount of player damage when they are "banished" since the low defense ones seem to have small amount of Lorcana markings.

  9. Looks like they have a good R&D department. The Lore shows, and the art looks unique and original. Most of the upstarting cards games, example Weiss Schwartz use ugly screen shots from the show or film they are referencing, glad to see the art looks like it matches a single style that will slowly add to the identity of the tcg. Also that was a very good Stitch impression Mitch! Very impressed!

  10. Dreamborn appear to be original Disney characters, like Mickey Mouse and Elsa, even if they are playing a character from a story like Mickey is The Brave Little Tailor.
    The Storyborn characters look like they are from IPs based on existing stories like Peter Pan and 101 Dalmatians.
    Stitch is the odd one out…

  11. They tried to compete with Skylanders, too. Look how that worked out.

  12. I honestly was expecting Disney to crossover with Wizards first, like a secret lair with mtg or a themed adventure in d&d, or something along those lines. But jumping right into the competition is a pretty awesome move, and honestly what I would prefer with a company as bog as Disney. Im a big fan of a lot of disney things, and their connections with Marvel and Star Wars could make some awesome tabletop battles in the future if this really takes off.

  13. I'm definitely picking some up mostly for resale value. It's Disney and someone is always going to want it 🙂

  14. Since we haven’t yet seen reference to characters attacking players or life points. My original thought was maybe the Diamonds on side indicated some sort of Victory Points system (ie You need to control 15 VP to win the game on Upkeep or something)

    I would be disappointed if they just described rarity, but that’s a really good theory since I don’t see an obvious place on the cards to denote that otherwise.

    Good breakdown!!

  15. Not sure if someone said it already, but the lorcana symbols might be how many resources the cards add when tapped. So instead of playing lands, you tap your permanents and each permanent has a value that you use to cast spells. So the Micky card costs 8, but when on the battlefield can be tapped to generate 5 lorcana points.

  16. This game looks cool, but I don’t think it will be too huge after launch.

  17. The art is spot on. Great card layout. Waiting for the rules, game play, and mechanics. For Captain Hook's flavor text, if you look at the lamp you will see Tinker Bell.


  19. I’m torn between the lorkanna being either lives (you challenge a character and win, they lose a pip)


    It’s the stage of advancement a card can go, so you can only replace a card with a higher or equal stat unless stitched in.

  20. Well at least we'll at minimum get some cool playmats.

  21. Sad that there is a future of huge litigation coming over game mechanics and more price squeezing by Hasbro….

  22. I really am excited for this! I hope they release a WW2 Donald Duck!!

  23. I'm very curious as to what they do with this. However I've been very spoiled by LCGs where you get all the cards and no buying 20 packs hoping to get this ONE card, or having to buy it for big prices online.

  24. I think the mystery symbols will likely indicate the amount of space the card takes up on the board

  25. Very well done video with the voices. 🙂 Charming! Anyway, I totally hope they get a digital version, because without that I would never get to play. As is, there is no longer Modern magic or even standard in paper in my area and it's shrunk to exclusively commander, so it already limits my options to play Magic. I often end up having to play on Arena or MTGO, so I would definitely like the possibility to play online. As someone who kind of seeks out the ultra cute secret lairs in Magic, I feel the card arts on these Lorcana cards would feel like a nice change from some of the harsher imagery I'm used to from my friends decks. It will ultimately be up to the playability of the game though, whether they keep the early adopters or not, with or without a digital game. Thanks for the notice on this one! 🙂

  26. My kids are getting all the sets.

    I'm about to spend so much money..

  27. this could help WOTC pull there heads out of there collective ass and start putting some work and doing some quality control in there game i love magic but lately it feels like a big cash grab with them putting out lodes and lodes of product with no thought or care for the players only for the shiny collectors out there who dont want to play but to get the most hard to find shiny there is fingers crossed this works and they get woke

  28. Dragon ball super card game is one that I like. I like they way they use energy to play cards. Never was a fan of having cards in your deck that have energy or lands cards. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy MTG and Pokémon but I never liked relying on those energy/land cards to come out to play your actual cards. I hope Disney goes the same route as Dragon Ball.

  29. Storyborn characters are probably characters that are from real books, and stories. Unlike dreamborn were they are original characters from Disney itself, I have no clue on what a floodborn is though, I'm guessing it has to do with characters from outer space or something like that

  30. Lorcana is designed by Ryan Miller, so if this plays like Kaijudo or Duel Masters, I might pick up a few starter decks.

  31. I wonder if the little "lorcana point pips" are victory points? Since characters directly challenge other characters, it doesn't seem like there's an equivalent to player life total, so maybe at some point you can "cash in" the victory points of cards you've managed to keep on the board? Or maybe you get victory points for defeating characters in a challenge?

  32. Mitch, I love you man. Finally an MTG content creator acknowledges Yu-Gi-Oh as an actual game. And not in like a joking almost mean way.

  33. With the Mickey card your basically paying 8 mana for a 5/5 with shadow.

    Overall, I think if the game expands enough, the Mickey Mouse card will not age well. It will be below average as far as play-value.

  34. i honestly think the dreamborn / storyborn text is just describing the character, like elsa is a queen and you can think of her as a sorcerer, same with hook he is a pirate , mali is a dragon ( i guess we can say there may be a different maleficent card thats her sorcerer form )

  35. I feel like Disney's vast size and wealth may be a bit of a weakness here. How much pressure will they feel to really make a push to keep the game thriving and alive when so little of their business will be encompassed by the competitive card game scene? Not to say they don't care at all, but it's very different than being something like WoTC or Game's Workshop. Who are giants within an overall niche scene.

    I think this is why so many big IPs that enter the scene rarely stick around for the long haul even when they have some moderate success.

    WoTC has so much invested and at stake with Magic while also having more resources than than almost all of their direct competitors. It's a deadly combination because they can choke out would-be up-and-comers while also caring about their game's success far more than a multimedia giant like Disney.

  36. I hope they do get more than Disney
    Or just disney like so many characters song and stuff I'ill be amazing to collect them

  37. Storyborn seems to be based on a book or actual story that Disney adapted, Dream Born seems to be based on Disney adapted book characters IE characters that are not a 1 for 1 Clone. Floodborn we only have one card but it could be completely original Disney design like stitch

  38. While I personally like land cards in Magic, it's not as efficient as guaranteed gain a mana each turn system like in Runeterra and Hearthstone.

    From a consumer standpoint, it guarantees you get more diversity of cards you get in a pack. From a business standpoint, you aren't going to have to print off as many cards.

  39. I have a hunch that the symbols on the right are for when used as a resource card, it produces that much whatever they thesaurus mana as. Maybe it's akin to Duel M that at least 1 of the mana must be of the same colour of the card.

  40. Ahhh I think I got it, storyborn are cards born of fairytales, dreamborn are original IP, and floodborn are… uh

  41. I'm gonna save 5k and go as all in as I can at launch. I'm betting on Disney. Families are gonna want these cards, they won't fail.

  42. Personally hoping for Kingdom Hearts focused sets as Disney does own that IP

  43. please! for the love of christ. don't let this game have rotation!!!

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