Dolphins vs. Steelers | NFL Wild Card Game Highlights -

Dolphins vs. Steelers | NFL Wild Card Game Highlights

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The Pittsburgh Steelers raced out to an early lead and never looked back, as wide receiver Antonio Brown and running back Le’Veon Bell led the way to a 30-12 victory in the Wild Card round.

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  1. Who’s here a Steeler fan reminiscing before the team turned in too a 9-6-1 season and the Killer Bs … 😕

  2. Back when the Steelers defense could accually play


  4. Was hoping flacco and the ravens would have won the final wildcard because Miami proved they were unworthy of it.

  5. I remember this game, the refs let Pittsburgh hold and give late shots. Miami wasn't allowed to be physical like they were when they beat them in the regular season.

  6. I can’t believe how awful the Steelers secondary was during this game.

  7. This season the Steelers secondary were the Keystone Cops. They were absolutely TERRIBLE.

  8. Definitely missing Shazier. Love that man.

  9. Id still like to know how Duprees hit was a dirty hit nfl is soft

  10. You can tell just by the uniforms they were wearing that the dolphins were going to lose

  11. Why are the dolphins not good anymore since that game

  12. such a great game to have gone to but damn was it cold sitting up in the 500s with that wind blowing

  13. LeVeon Bell was just ridiculous with us man I wish we still had him

  14. I came from the future to tell you that adam gase is a offensive mind and won 3 superbowls after 2016 season

  15. It didn’t feel that long ago since the last Dolphins playoff appearance. Dolphins might make the playoffs this year or 2021.

  16. As a dolphins fan i dont care they lost, im just happy they had a good season

  17. Sometimes I come back here just to watch Bud Dupree absolutely smack Matt Moore😂

  18. man i remember being so hyped for my fins entering the playoffs that year. we’ll be seeing it this year 🤫

  19. i can’t believe Adam Gase brought a team to the playoffs

  20. I remember coming away from this game feeling so excited about our future. Man how much can change in just a few years. Thing is, back then we had some lucky wins and some crazy individual performances to hide our struggles and get us into playoffs. Coach Flo on the other hand looks like he’s actually built something special. This is such a different team, and fans can actually trust where it’s going

  21. I’m here in 2020 where we’re 11-2 let’s go pit

  22. Who’s here from 2020 when there is a chance they will play each other in the wildcard round again

  23. Still can’t believe these guys couldn’t get a Bowl

  24. 5:07 I love how he says it disappointed at first and then remembers that he's supposed to be neutral

  25. Why am I watching this right now? It's painful to see the old Steelers who could actually have a running game.

  26. Looking back at his Jets tenure, how exactly did Adam Gase get the Dolphins to the playoffs?

  27. To date, this remains the last home playoff win for the Steelers.

  28. Imagine if the Dolphins had Brian Flores in this game

  29. Fins could have won this game if they had tannehill

  30. I'm watching march 2021 lowkey these steelers are better than 2020 steelers cus they choked but I anit bringing it up again so yeh they choked

  31. Gezz this is ridiculous had to watch 8 commercials for a 9 minute video wtf!

  32. Looking back at this Steelers team, I can’t believe they didn’t at least win two super bowls.

    I mean they had brown bell shazier etc.

    Steelers window now has closed.

  33. ab giving ben a hug gives me so much joy

    what could've been

  34. Rewatching this from five years later this team was so deep and the only area we are better at now is safety

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