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DRAFT BUT I PICK THE WORST CARD! #clashroyale #shorts

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Clash Royale draft challenge with oofro! Clash Royale draft but I pick the worst card! Clash Royale draft tournament!

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#ClashRoyale #oofro #short


  1. I don’t know why this guy gave me giant, mini pekka xDSun for more!! 😀

  2. Others would say first but I say „Dino nugget“

  3. Brother, when is the Royal Pass tournament?

  4. Brother, when is the Royal Pass tournament?

  5. I thought Mother Witch is better than the Dart Goblin?

  6. Somebody said meta cards does not work on draft?

  7. Great plays with those cards wish I was that good lol

  8. I swear this is actually a great strat… I always look at the deck I gave my opponent and wish I had it 😂

  9. New subscriber, keep working, brother. I hope Evo Valk gets a boost next season because it is very bad.

  10. Mother witch is better than dart goblin

  11. Skeletons are better simple 💀💀💀

  12. Skeletons are better than goblins. It's 1 less elixir for sinilar stats

  13. Draft with cannoneer is so free, I got 23 wins even tho I'm bad at the game

  14. The game was played very well👍👍👍

  15. This mode is very bad , it's 100% luck dependent, itsuxks

  16. Well well well, someone called barb barrel bad

  17. Skeletons is better than your father

  18. Nah don't be dissing Larry like that you made the wrong choice

  19. How skeleton is the worst? Isn't skeleton is the best positive trade cards? You could use it to counter megaknight and activate king

  20. "skeletons vs goblins, we pick skeletons"
    Bro just pissed off whole cr community(larry is the best)

  21. The opponent had to choose between giant and balloon. He chose the balloon as it is an air troop and defense against it will not be easy.

    Next he got to choose between horde and electro dragon. He chose the horde because he can counter the electro dragon with the horde if he pushes with the balloon and horde.

    Next was the mini pekka and cannon cart and he chose cannon cart to avoid the balloon getting distracted if cannon cart becomes building during the push with balloon.

    At last he had to choose between Valkyrie and wall breakers and chose Valkyrie because he can defend with it easily.

    Note : I was not the opponent but I know the mindset

  22. I don't want to ever hear the words uttered again that Larry's are worse than goblins

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