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Dragon Ball Card Game History, SO MANY GAMES – TCG History

TCG History
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in today’s TCG History video we take a look at the many, many, many, many, Dragon Ball Z card games released over the years. Well, we say Dragon Ball Z but games have been released for Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super as well! There have been a ton of English released Dragon Ball Cards over the years with the first being available all the way back in 1996! Of course they are still ongoing with the current card game, the Dragon Ball Super trading card game doing very well! Let’s go over the history of Dragon Ball card games to clear up the confusion of which game is which. Something something…. Over 9000

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  1. I miss both score and Panini's games. They were very unique. They both felt more like dragon ball than any other version of the many dragon ball card games. Not gonna lie, I was very salty when Bandai decided to send the panini game into the next dimension. Here's to hoping that it can make one more come back and actually stick around.

  2. We need a new video update on topic especially the score DBZ cards also the amada DBZ cards as well as the Japanese bandai cards

  3. Haha, just wait two years and a new DBZ game will be out. No reason to end the last one, so let's end it and start a new one. Thanks for posting this. It helps with sorting out all the DBZ cards from various games we have so we can finally get them all listed.

  4. For a period, Score DBZ was actually more expensive to play competitively than yugioh. I remember the competitive scene being pretty fierce from what I could gather. I never played the game, though. Only reason I remember all this was because I closely followed the scene through Beckett DBZ collector.

  5. I am streaming score dbz/gt battles on twitch

  6. Now theres going to be a one piece clone game called dbs fusion world as a reboot while the current dbs game will be titled as the dbs masters now they'll see witch one does better an chop the other

  7. Man I had a couple hand me down DBZ card. I was not interested in cards at all

  8. What Dragon Ball card games have you played?

  9. Q: How many Dragon Ball card games are there?
    A: OVER 9000!!!!!!!

  10. That sure is a lot of Dragon Ball games….. We'll stick to DBS though

  11. Bandai: Hey Bandai Can I copy your homework?
    Also Bandai: Yeah, just change it up not at all.
    Bandai: Ye

  12. Panini dbz was my favorite.
    Bandai is doing the same thing they always do, pump up a card game, power creep hard, and once it declines they dump it (naruto, dragon ball game, and the latest and greatest super).

  13. Someone, get the rule book of how to play that game and find out if it's really that horrid?

  14. Would love a digimon video in this style. Ive always found it interesting that DB and Digimon had a similar history in TCGs

  15. Its wild seeing those Ani-Mayhem cards because I totally recognize them from that unofficial DB magazine you could find in the early 2000s. They had pictures and set info in the back with action figures and stuff

  16. Sorry I'm so late to the party guys! Can you believe that Youtube buried the notification?

  17. Great video as always. Love you guys so much <3

  18. Great video. So, is my giant box full of tins and packs of original Dragon BallZ collectible trading card game (I think), the one with the green dragon on the backs, worth anything to anyone?

  19. Now I know why many people would criticize dbs card game so much. They have some many flops and i though there was only one lol
    Also, this is my first video watching from your channel. Lol

  20. Never played any other DBZ game other than super BUT I have played the original digimon tcg and play the newest version as well. Great video

  21. Really enjoyed this video! This popped up in my recommended (I assume because I watch a lot of DBS card game videos) I really thought this format was cool and you've earned a sub! I'm a player of the Dragonball super card game and have been playing score and really enjoying it as well. Hope to see more cool TCG videos from your channel 🙂

  22. Good video. Currently in the one that's out now. Learned some lore!

  23. DBS is the better game, hands down, but I feel like the score game was more thematic. It's hard to feel too thematic in DBS when my Yamcha card has more power than SSJ Blue Goku.

  24. Panini DBZ and the continued Fanz is the best.

  25. First let me say great video. 🙂
    As someone who played both Old Z (CCG) and New Z (TCG) for both games full lifespan I'd be remiss not to say New Z was the better balanced and designed card game. Not that Old Z wasn't awesome and fun to play but balance was an afterthought at best and the game had literally 60+ PAGES of errata before all was said and done. I can't imagine trying to pick up Old Z for the first time today. The chance you'd play it "correctly" is practically zero. New Z on the other hand probably still holds up. It's a shame Score waited till the game and show ended to start the redesign. Feels like Old Z was slapped together and pushed out to make money only to later realize they actually had some solid ideas in the game mechanics. Oh and this is the first I've heard of this Panini game lol!

  26. So is dragon ball super the best one (most popular) at the moment?

  27. I have the collectible card game for the gameboy advance. It is absolutely terrible.

  28. Whenever the DBS game dies, I hope someone makes the 2014 TCG again. It was good, the company and bandai just killed it.

  29. These are awesome videos! Keep em coming!

  30. These were the classics. But the dragon ball super cards are much better.

  31. Hi does anyone remember the ones before the collectible card game? They had 2 words on the back & it look space like, it’s driving me crazy I find nothing about them


  33. Last place you could get most of them (2014-2016 12 Cards a Pack Edition), was at dollar tree.
    I bought all the cards they had along with the box they would sell them in.

  34. I completely forgot about Ani-Mayhem. I'm sure I read about it in Inquest at some point, but it was a few years before I started paying attention to anime. Gotta love those card frames, though. All the best Photoshop filters and layer effects that money could buy in 1996!

  35. The animayhem goku 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  36. I've heard of animayhem, but by the time I could ever get my parents to buy me anything score came out with theirs.

    Score came out with their anime games at the exact right time. DBZ was huge. All my friends were into it. As Z ended, Yu Yu Hakusho came out, and shortly after GT came out, then some others.

    Everybody I know agrees that Yu Yu Hakusho was the best, and score ruined it like they ruin everything with their power creep.

  37. So, DBS is a shitty rip off of other games?

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