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Two years since the RISE of the Unison Warrior Series..
..Comes the DAWN of the ZENKAI SERIES!

Go ZENKAI—full power—with your warriors for a brand-new gameplay experience this Summer!

More information coming soon! Don’t miss it!

Product Information:

Official Website:



*All card text is under development and is subject to change upon release.
*Card text is for mechanic explanation purposes.
*Release date subject to change.


  1. 😐 Waw…. That's… Pretty short huh ? 😐

  2. I'm gonna need a bigger playmat!!!!

  3. Please make Piccolo solid! Green namekians need a reboot!

  4. Just call it Saiyan: The Gathering and be done with it. We know you ain’t doing anything with Piccolo that matters…

  5. Smh… too many zones, making harder too complex to attract new gamers to grow the community… thats why the community is shrinking day by day

  6. I want an Arale leader and deck. "New" zone can go to hell

  7. Hmm… interesting this all uses set 1 art

  8. Im hypedddd! We need more signature cards: bulma and broly plzzzz and STOP reprinting scrs I collect and it literally makes me feel like selling my collection cause nothing is gonna hold its value. Scrs are supposed to be hard to get.

  9. Don't think the game needs a new type of card already. Unison being added was enough

  10. Would love to see an Online version of this, similar to MTG and PTCG. Hard to find players for this in my Area which also means I buy less, if any. Love the Game, played the Old DBZ one as well.

  11. What a lackluster reveal for this. Coulda gave us a teaser for one of the 'zenkai' cards.

  12. Calling it now the 'zenkai' card slot will be like the 'mastery' in dbz panini version or 'Sensei deck' I'n dbz score version.

  13. Oh yea! Let’s go Bandai. Can’t wait to see how this is going to play out. It’s on!

  14. Gonna pick up another set of senzu beans and 3 extra

    I love buying shadow tokens in bulk

  15. Esto no.Mejor remake de legendary super warriors de game boy color

  16. Операция загрези длижнего

  17. Oh no not again. Anything but Zenkais… again nooooo!

  18. Feels like a bad sign when a tcg needs to add a whole new area to the field but hope it's good

  19. Just a new kind of mechanic? Not a new format?

  20. Zenkai may be a new "awaken" more stronger but only for 1 turn.

  21. Website sellers are already mentioning "Z-Leader Gimmick". So it seems like it'll be that.

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