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Dragon Ball Super Card Game Digital Version Announcement

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The DIGITAL Version of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game is finally coming!

More information including the release period and closed beta test details will be announced at Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2023 next March 4-5!

More info here!

Look forward to more announcements soon!


  1. Considering the DBS community is one of the worst IRL communities I've ever been part of, a digital version to keep me from personally interacting with them is a dream come true lol

  2. Where's the narrator? He's literally the only reason why I watch these.

  3. I want acces the beta test server please!!! 🙏

  4. Now do a Digimon one was requested in lockdown

  5. NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE! Now give us Digimon Card Game as well please

  6. I hope you are working on a digimon one too

  7. The same video AGAIN . Why they reposting tho

  8. 2 things:
    It looks like they are using 3d models for leader or even battle cards.

    I hope they follow Duel Links method of slowly dropping cards in and letting it develop its own meta. I don't wanna download it and have to immediately understand what every single card in existence does.

  9. Isn’t this the same exact trailer that was released MONTHS ago 😑

  10. Oh yea that's gonna be badass can't wait to build my decks and play digitally!

  11. Digimon players have been begging for this since the first set was released. Hope you do this for us too



  13. So im confused will this be mobile only or on console?

  14. Jesus Christ, just show actual gameplay. We've already seen this…

  15. when do we get and online version for digimon tcg

  16. Now do this for the Digimon TCG, and we’re golden.

  17. Now this is a dragon ball game I'd more than likely play over dokkan or DBL

  18. achei bem fraco. nao parece ser um card game virtual de 2023. graficamente esta bem mediocre, bem mé. estamos em 2023 era pra graficamente estar extremamente foda.

  19. Sweet. But we're all waiting for a digimon tcg . Please make it happen soon 👌

  20. I've always wanted to learn how to play the card game

  21. isnt super dragon ball heroes already a digital card game

  22. Hope there Will be an android/iOS ver for ACG SDBH game that could scan the card from the arcade machine
    I think it will be boost the selling ACG cards outside Japan

  23. tiene pinta que va a ser una porquería no pega ni con moco la tematica cartas con dragon ball ya no saben como reinventarse que tristeza dan

  24. The most boring dragon ball z games are these and the ones that’s on the android phones

  25. I still have video footage of the Japanese version of this digital card game I never uploaded.

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