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Dragon Ball Super Card Game Digital Version Announcement

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The DIGITAL Version of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game is finally coming!

More information including the release period and closed beta test details will be announced at Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2023 next March 4-5!

More info here!

Look forward to more announcements soon!


  1. So basically the global version of Dragon Ball heroes

  2. Thank you so much for another gatcha game! Can’t wait to receive much free currency at first and finding a huge paywall after, forcing me to buy in-game currency if I want to build a deck! Master Duel much ?

  3. At least something good will happen on my birthday

  4. awaiting for digimon card game digital version

  5. this will definitely get me playing again. especially since any and all tourney scenes ive seen died

  6. the pandemic mudered this game in cold blood im so excited for this game

  7. I can finally not play with other ppl 🥺😫👐🏾

  8. So this is are us version of the dragon ball heroes game and yes I said heroes because if u look closely at the beginning u can see dark masked ssj4 broly

  9. Fire, please allow a console or mobile release

  10. I hope it’s like the Pokémon TCG where you can buy physical booster packs and those cards can get added to the digital version

  11. Got some cards but could never play because of covid so hyped for this

  12. BandaI, I hope yall see these comments, and I myself would like to say PLEASE do your best with potentially amazing game. Me & so many others have dreamt of this day, & I have no problem fully supporting it if taken care of with the best interest of both the suppliers (yall) & the consumers (us.) Here's to hoping for a great game that MANY can not wait to play!

  13. So….. I supose that we can use our own cards here??

  14. My wallet looking at me watching this trailer 🥲😳

  15. I collect the cards but the card game never really intrested me, BUT! card game on mobile changes that, good move bandai

  16. I hope that one day they will do the same but with Digimon Card Game for Android PlayStation Xbox Nintendo and etc.

  17. Dedicated legends player, I’m genuinely excited af to see what this is about. Grew up with Yugioh and PKMN TCG. I have high hopes for this

  18. I can't wait for this! I hope it is on Steam, and is Steam Deck Verified.

  19. I'm so happy about this they have no idea. I'm hoping digimon also gets the same treatment

  20. I can't believe it took them this long to come out with a digital online version when other big name card games like Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Magic the Gathering have released their own online clients and been around for years lol.

  21. i recently started playing yu gi oh master duel and im in love with cards games.. this game dropping will make my life better ❤

  22. Burt curtis alternativo 2.0 • há 99 anos says:

    Wasnt that game already available on mobile?

  23. Gotta hope that the same goes for digimon tcg🙏

  24. Omg noooooooooooooooooooo no no no we need an official mmo dbs game … not this card game Yu-Gi-Oh bs!!!!!!!!!!! Smh …. like can we please get a new dbs game that's worth it ????????????? MMO MMO MMO MMO MMO MMO !!!!!!

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