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*All card text is under development and is subject to change upon release.
*Card text is for mechanic explanation purposes.
*Release date subject to change.


  1. build a simulator this game has too much shit going on to follow

  2. @2:35 so does this mean z leader cards can be destroyed like a battle card or will their be affects that can remove them?

  3. How does Z-Stack work? I can't find answers anywhere.

  4. do you guys sell playmats for this game? i play yugioh a lot but even though i play it so much i still need to use my mat that shows the zones for it lol. its the same for this tcg. i need a mat with the zones. i can find mats for this game online except they dont have the zenkai zones😢

  5. This is great! Looking forward to this new block. Great job everyone who made this happen!

  6. Would love to see a digital Online Version of this Game!!

  7. zenkai this and zenkai that. zenkai is all i hear lol.

  8. If there's a 4 copy per card limit for the zenkai deck, why not make it 8 cards in a zenkai deck?

  9. Oh so it's basically like the extra deck from yugioh
    You always have access to them so whenever you achieve the requirements you can just play them

  10. So, do all zenkai leaders and battle cards cost 3 energy? Am I allowed to look through the Zenkai deck to play whichever card I want, or do I have to shuffle the deck and once I have 3 energy pay it and blindly play whichever card gets flipped over? And do Zenkai battle cards stay in the battle area at the end of the turn, or are they removed from the game at the end of the turn like the Zenkai leader is?

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