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Egyptian Ratscrew – Card Games That Don’t Suck

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  1. Seeing those enigma cards, I'm wondering if the same sort of mechanics apply as the Golden Hare puzzle where most of the "clues" are duds and it's something totally unobvious.

  2. Would love to see you guys cover Mao, probably the most fun I've ever had with a card game, and I think everyone should know about it…

    Then again, it might be hard to cover a game where you cant explain the rules…

  3. I played this for ages as a kid. I forgot the name and rules. Now I want to play another endless round! We used to not explain the rules to onlookers and when someone figured out the rules through watching us play, they would slap in opening the table to more contenders.

  4. What are the penalties for slapping another player's hand? Their face? What happens if, after you slap their hand after they slap the cards, they physically cannot pick up the cards?

    Anybody for a nice, peaceful game of bridge?

  5. You guys forgot the 69 rule. If you play a 6 and a 9 irrespective of order you can slap!

  6. The guy with the glasses looks/sounds eerily like the Flat Earth muppet known as Phuket Word

  7. Please check out 66 and possibly do a video on it!

  8. Nice! Please more card games that don't suck that can be played with only 2.

  9. Do a video about Mao's game. It will dethrone this as the meanest and stupidiest game

  10. I feel the same way about this game that I do about Kingdom Death. I'm happy to know it exists. I enjoyed learning about the game. I'm intrigued to learn more. I will never ever play this game in my lifetime.

  11. you should totally look at publishing a book containing all these card games that don't suck

  12. At the risk of making Quinns start collecting something else new, could you guys do a review of the French tarot game? I think a tarot deck would be cool to play a game with and the art would be a great ice breaker, but only if the game doesn't suck.

  13. We played this in high-school and Boy Scouts with only doubles and sandwiches. That's one fun thing about it, you can add or subtract layers of difficulty because absolutely no one can play "real" Egyptian Ratscrew well. Fun note: at church youth functions the name changed to Egyptian Rummy, so there's that option if you can't get past the name.

  14. Also, when we played among a group of sadistic boys (you know how teen boys can be) rings were totally allowed. Especially if you had your big ol' senior ring.

  15. This game has become my favorite replacement for war

  16. Man, I remember playing this back in Home Ec in high school while waiting for the ovens. We didn't use some stuff like the 10s or top and bottom rules, but there was one rule we used and you didn't: divorce. A divorce is when you have a king or queen, then another card, then a queen or king. Basically a sandwich with a king and queen.

  17. We played this game every morning in high school so much fun!

  18. And here I thought it was Egyptian Rat's Crew. We don't play with top and bottom, but we play with halves. Get a bit of math in there, you know, for the kids. We don't play adds up to ten though. Or marriages.

  19. Incredible video (as always with SU&SD). One more rule (that may be a house rule, I'm not sure, but I've always played with it) is that ANYONE can slap in, including people who were not in the game when it began.

    I walked past a game of Egyptian Ratscrew back in high school and slapped in on a whim, and ended up meeting the girl I would date for the next 2 years. Super fun rule

  20. In france we call that "batailles corses" meaning corsican battle. Most of the rules explained in this video are there as well with the exception of "three in a row".

  21. I just played with my friends last night and we voided all of the rules where if you slap the discard pile incorrectly a certain number of times, you lose. Instead, everyone in the game gets to slap that person’s hand.

  22. This is a fun game for trolling people when you memorize the order of the cards they pick up

  23. We played this game EVERY DAY in high school for 4 year. A favorite game of everyone. Never played top 'n bottom rules or 10s. Honestly, SUCH a good card game, and I love the extra rules
    We didn't force slap, we did fake slaps right next to the pile, which would make the people who were ready usually slap, and they'd lose cards. So same mechanic essentially 🙂

  24. Wow this version added a lot more rules then I am accustom with.

  25. Most important rule is never play this with a deck you don't want to lose. Nevermind burning at midnight, a thousand slaps means broken/folder cards

  26. Way too many slap variants I play with small sandwiches and doubles so your facecards can sometimes win you

  27. Man, have you seen the price of those Carte Rouge cards? $30? I mean, I would pay $10 plus shipping for a deck of cards, but I'm afraid as they are, they're too rich for my blood.

  28. With these kinds of games, it's always fun to fake a slap manoeuvre and trick others into slapping wrongly. Trust me, those who are ready to outspeed you, will be more aware. In my opinion, this results in more fun and fewer arguments.

    Aside from this, I wonder how many decks of cards have already lost their existence due to the 666 rule.

  29. My favorite ERS moment was slapping the top of someone's hand and getting around and underneath their hand to grab the pile as they looked down at the stack of hands in disbelief.

  30. I love this game! Another safety tip: fingernails must be trimmed!

  31. i have gotten bloody knuckles playing this during lunch at highschool

  32. In my area (southeastern U.S.) we did
    Marriage (king-queen)

    Then there is Face cards inducing various numbers drawn. So Jack 1, queen 2, king 3, ace 4. The player after the one who got the face card is the one that places that many cards. So then jacks are the best to get because it just takes one number card to get the whole stack.

    We don't do pretty much any of the rest of those rules mentioned. We don't have:
    2 cards that add up to 10
    4 card straight
    Affair (jack-queen)
    That 666 thing

    -Hands on table while cards are being played. Thus, no hovering allowed.
    -If it was an illegitimate slap, you "burned" a card by putting it face down at the bottom of the center stack.
    – if it's been a long game, we reduce slap-ins to only 2 times
    – if you do it bad 3 times we've got no ban rule. That just means you've burned 3 times.

  33. It may not be hetero normative, but a Jack can't marry a Queen, so are there undertones of classism????

  34. And keep your nails trimmed! No one likes being clawed during slapping games!

  35. Played this a lot in Orchestra growing up. We only ever played with slapping on doubles with variations on paying penalties to the trick. Strangely we also made an addendum to the person's last card they played in their deck, which was always considered to be a jack in name and face, with the addenum you had to say it was a "Jack". This always led to some entertaining moments of a person's last play playing on an actual jack, and slapping it because their last card was a jack as well, if only in name. Kept the game going longer, and more people in it for longer as well.

    Made long bus rides on field trips much more entertaining.

  36. Honestly, even if you just play with the sandwich, pairs, and face card pay rules, it's still loads of fun. I used to play it after school with my friends and we called it Sandwich (also great because if somebody walks up and is like "can I play?" you can be like "sure, just slap in"). NOT a good game to play in a library, though

  37. In high school (2002/2003), my friends and I absolutely loved this game. We took a ski trip on a bus, and played the entire 12 hour drive. The game didn't end there, though. In fact, the game didn't end for the entire five day trip. When we had to stop for any reason, everyone kept their cards in their pocket until we had time to pull them out again. Good memories.

  38. Wait so you can slap for sandwich when there's 1 card in-between, or when there's 3 or more as it counts as a top&bottom, but never 2?

  39. You can also cover a potential slap before is slapped by throwing down a card, making the amount of cards someone gets off they lose way way higher

  40. When I played as a kid we only did pairs and sandwiches.

  41. In Irish Snap you deal out all the cards and take turns putting your top card face up in the middle with the aim of getting rid of your cards. The first person to place a card will say Ace when they put it down, the next person will say 2 and so on (after King it goes back to Ace).
    If two cards with the same value are played consequtively everyone snaps and the last person to snap picks up the card. Also if someone happens to say the same value as the card they put down everyone snaps.
    Once someone has gotten rid of all their cards (and the faceup middle cards have gone to someone else) they get to add a rule eg: Snap on every Queen played, say potato instead of 10 when counting. Any player who gets rid of their cards is still in the game though and has to count and snap like everyone else, and if the top faceup card is the value the player with no cards says you snap like normal.

  42. Depending on who you played it with we had varying combinations of these rules, but I've played with all of them at some point. They really glossed over the face card payout rule, so I'm not certain what they do, but for us the player won the pile if the next player did not reveal a different face card after paying out:
    1 card on a jack;
    2 cards on a queen;
    3 cards on a king; &
    4 cards on an ace.
    If a new face card was revealed, the next player had to start paying out, and whoever laid the last face card when a full payout was reached won the pile. Of course, anyone could slap & steal the pile if any of the other rules occurred during this.
    Jokers were one of two things, like they said:
    1. Payout of 5 cards needed to win the pile; or
    2. Anyone can slap & win the pile.

  43. Im so glad you mentioned flipping your cards away from you. I don't mind letting new players do it, or if youre in the heat of the game. I'll probably out slap you anyway 😛
    As long as it's keeping in the spirit of the game, lets play!

  44. This is glorious. I can't wait to play it.

  45. My favorite rule: tens end the face card payout cycle, and the game returns to normal play. So P1 plays a Queen–>P2 plays a one and an ace–>P3 plays a six, a four, and a *ten*, so he stops–>play moves to P4 and we pretend the whole "face card" thing never happened.

    Other than that, I'm a rules purist. You can only slap pairs, sandwiches, and either 69 or marriage if you must*. By keeping the slapping rules to just a few, adding a way for face card payouts to end *other than by one player taking the stack, and *not including top/bottom*, it lets the stack size build up a lot more, so certain rounds of the game much more tense, while keeping the game's trademark insanity.

    Also also, if you're teenage boys with a crippling lack of common sense, you can punish mistaken slap-ins by making them hold their hand out on the table for one of the other players to slap as hard as they can.

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