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Elspeth’s Story Through Cards

Magic: The Gathering
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Journey through Elspeth’s story in cards, from Shards of Alara to March of the Machine

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  1. Its a good way to tell a narrative of each character via its own cards. The only wrong is that Elesh Norn and all this brilliant Phyrexia saga ended filled with incongruences ruining the most important saga in the whole Magic franchise. Pearl to the pigs in Marketing, but fret not, we will have assassin's creed next year…what you have done!? What a waste

  2. How do you do this and miss out the card where she literally got murdered?!!

  3. Favorite planes walker since I started back in Shards…

  4. I can't help but notice a lack of the card Elspeth, Undaunted Hero.

  5. This is awesome it makes me want to read all the books❤

  6. Crazy how the card that kills elesh norn is so underwhelming

  7. Kind of missing more then a few story cards but sure

  8. Dude I love this idea! Do this with more MtG characters please. My suggestion Teferi or Urza!

  9. "Ow my shoulder." -Elesh norn. joke is she was stabbed in the shoulder but the cards do not depict that.

  10. Elspeth story arc > all gatewatch lore

  11. This is pretty good. Although it's missing the very important story point that she was betrayed by Heliod, who murdered her out of fear for how strong she was. That was how she got to the underworld

  12. Brought a tear to my eye seeing all this lore and history of the card game I love!

  13. Just wanna say… Atraxa started out as an angel before being compleated.

    How ES is a Arch Angel? With a beef against Phyrexia? Phyrexia is stranded in a time warp.

    The praetors "Died" but, they are part machine…

    Does anyone else see where this going? In like 15-20 years they will revisit Phyrexia. Just like over the next 15 we will see eldrazi and slivers.

  14. Elspeth's design really stepped up its game once she pulled that hood back. You could see it as a sign of her coming into her own, but regardless she just looks way better without it

  15. You announced the netflix series 4 YEARS AGO

  16. Elspeth, Suns Champion by far was her best version. Are we ever gonna see any aetherwing again? or assemble the legion. or any of the god weapons / charms? Theros was my favorite set, but there are hardly any cards on mtga..

  17. I hope we can get an Archangel Elspith card with a more varied outfit at some point, the just full armor is a lot less interesting than her outfits previously imo

  18. I don‘t like Elspeth but I like Elesh Norn

  19. Um, actually, worst fears comes before deicide in the story 🤓.

  20. Well Girl, it's been a long way from Bant.😊

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