ESO 2022 REVEALED - High Isle, Breton Chapter, Card Games, Two Person Mounts, New Companions & More? -

ESO 2022 REVEALED – High Isle, Breton Chapter, Card Games, Two Person Mounts, New Companions & More?

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ESO 2022 REVEALED – High Isle, Breton Content, Card Games, Two Person Mounts, New Companions & More?

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  1. I’m mixed, Breton culture is often called boring or just medieval Europe so this will be good for expanding on Breton lore, as well as those islands which I had no idea they even existed.

  2. 120£ a year of eso plus to get a card game is a good deal….

  3. lets not kid ourselves – the card game is just another avenue of monetization because thats all they care about – repetitive content they can pump out while sucking players dry

  4. the new companions are also boring beyond believe – the first set companiosn where a stout knight and a shifty rogue and guess what the new companions are? a stout knight and a shifty rogue… omg the lack of creativity is mind numbing…

  5. Snoop Dogg's favorite monster set: Gryphon's Reprizzle

  6. I’m wondering if the card game will be an insert of the mobile card game or if it will be an entirely new game. I did the mobile game so that would be cool.

  7. The whole trailer was based on naval battles. What did we get, re-used environments from 2 years ago squashed together to make dungeons, dungeons that have the same old mechanics and reskinned bosses. A 2 player mount that they said we get over a year ago. Oh and don't forget another crown store merchant, charging money to deconstruct on the go. This game is getting worse. Nothing new apart from account wide achievements.

  8. all seems a bit meh, to me, probably pick it up when it goes on sale. As much as I like card games, alarm bells are ringing about monetisation, buying packs etc for crowns. Most card games are ruined by the best card being your credit card, so will wait and see I guess. I would rather they fixed bugs to dungeons and channelling staves tbh, would be better than an expansion for me.

  9. New Major Vuln set looking really nice. Zone quests have been pretty good over the past couple of years that I've been back so im sure that will be good. I'm pretty burnt out on ESO and only logging in for trials at this point but look forward to getting High in the Isles. New Trial June? That's what I want

  10. The card game is nice in the sense if i'm playing with friends and someone needs to go afk, we have something to do while we wait for them to come back.

  11. Saddened by this tbh I mean IMO eso is at its base a COMBAT game and the BIG addition for the YEAR is not only a card game , but NOT a combat card game , it could be fun for a while but for a second year in a row they want full price for a year long expansion that will give maybe 30 hours of actual new content and no new way to experience all the existing content that a new class would bring , IMO a new class makes the whole game seem new and worth grinding through again

  12. Seriously liking the 2 new sets for tanks! Both sets combined could be pretty awesome

  13. The thing that up sets me about the card game is that they have wasted that development time making a card game. I don’t know the statistics but I doubt the mmo community and the tcg community overlap enough to warrant the feature. They could fixed more bugs, reworked pvp rewards or even tryed to spice up crafting. It just feels like this in game system doesn’t fit. Like why would I play a tcg in eso when I play eso of pve or pvp, on top of that if I wanted to play a tcg id play hearthstone or LoR. I am very disappointed in the feature.

  14. Mine as well play magic the gathering loo, and companions are awful new class be better

  15. My wife and I are very happy about it so put us down for 2 in that category. Most of our trials teams folks were in the middle. Gotta wait to see how the new trial is before earning their votes. Interestingly, folks who also play MTG and RP folks who wanted something to do in game were quite floored by the card game 😆

  16. Card game reminds me of pet battles in WoW, I liked those, I hope it will be fun

  17. I think the zone choice will be good but I'm not sure how to feel about the card game yet. It's not something that was in my dream list of what they could have announced.

  18. Imagine paying 40$ to play TES Legends, the toxic causals always gonna buy this kind of shit, Another mmor comming, Lost Ark and the great system of the year is a card game, rlly, bye ESO and ZOS time to move

  19. Not worth buying. More annoying companions with obnoxious dialog I'm expected to level up? For what purpose? No thanks. A card game? I can't roll my eyes hard enough over that as a selling point. Let's say nothing about how every dlc zone adds to the amount of lag time in game for nothing truly original being added for more load screens to sit through… Oh, wait… here's another free pet and atrocious costume to incentivize you to buy our crap efforts! Ugh. If this is the best they have to offer, I'd rather keep my money and move on at this point.

  20. your voice with one 1000-watt sub at 1 ohm could win a spl competition and i love it!

  21. Much Ado about NOTHING. What a disappointment 😞

  22. I thought too it would be Redguards xD But am way happier with Breton Storyline.
    Even If i have the feeling stumbling in the Witcher Universe…a bit thihiiii.
    Am Excited about the Story etc. but appart from that….hmmmm…nah…but Not too overhyped i can at least be pleasently surprised and proofed wrong then. XD
    Well the Sets of COURSE will be OP at first…they have to sell the Chapter to ud sweaty Raiders too xD

  23. Im ok with Zos having an easy year off but shit better get fixed and the chapter after Highisle better be fucking awesome.

  24. If they're going to do a minigame as the new feature for the year, they should've done more, like adding more (playable music/ social RP interactibles/ additional tavern minigames/ etc) to the tavern theme. They discontinued Elder Scrolls Legends, so why did they think there would be a market for a similar card game but this time within a B2P/subscription game? Maybe they needed to reuse assets and cut down on costs considering how difficult this year is.

  25. I’m predicting record sales with this expansion, record low sales that is. Lmao

  26. ranking system for a card game…is it like the Cyrodiil ranking just for playing a lot or for skill…We need more ranking systems for PvP that are skill based or at least ranking for ap/hour; kills/hour, even heals/hour so people can compare to others how they are doing. I would really love a competitive 1v1,5v5,12v12 PvP battle arena with rankings (bronze to gold)

  27. I'm excited and there wasn't anything i saw that I disliked

  28. I’m sorry. I fell asleep as soon as you said “card game”. What did I miss?

  29. I wonder what gaming world the devs live in, this new content is simply boring!

  30. Players for awhile have been asking for the following:
    New Weapons
    New Class
    – I personally think adding class specialties would be cool and would allow other classes to do better in any role depending on the specialty you chose.
    I also think adding new weapons to game removes the need for the classes people want like the monk for instance.
    Spellcrafting just would be too good to be true.

    Instead we get a card game. I’m not in a hurry to buy the upgrade this year… very bummed out about the reveal but hey who knows what will happen come June.

  31. “We can’t grant achievements” even though it was clearly bugged

    *makes achievements account wide

  32. Thanks for the video, underwhelming shit. Lost ark here i come. C yall in a year.

  33. Wonder if card game will play kinda like elder scrolls legends.

  34. 1. Shows Jousting and Jousting arenas… "Hey Guys, check out our Card Game"
    2. "Check out our BIG chapter"… The whole island chain can fit in the TOWN of Hews Bane in Abahs Landing
    3. No ship stuff or water mounts.
    4. "Instead of Breton armor style we are giving you….. Breton Armor style." (read in Principal Skinners Voice)
    5. Still no Bard Skill line/Class (great buffs)
    6. Still no Monk skill line/class (unarmed or one hand and spell focus)

  35. I thought I left CCGs when i left college. Not sure if i want to jump into another one.

    I like that Bretons are getting love this time around but I want to know more about QoL stuff.

  36. with each new chapter, they release more microtransactions (overpriced af too) than what you can actually earn in the game. its absolutely filthy and disgusting business practice. i hope xbox whips these devs into shape and start giving us proper chapters and changes actually worth our money and time


  38. I think we need another class not card game it's been 2 years since we had one

  39. can you believe we have to register to enter the city?

  40. honestly a new weapon skill line or even somthing like a grand exchange(for those who ever played runescape) would be nice. it gets kinda annoying looking for certain items at guild traders and them not having it but having a big market area where you can buy/sell stuff ALOT easier would be so nice like across all zones.

  41. They could’ve brought elder scrolls legends in as the card game and that would breath new life back into that while introducing the wider eso community to it

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