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Evolution of Card Games

Curiosity is the Key!
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Since paper was first invented in Ancinet China, card games has come a very long way along with human history. Let me tell you how card games have evolved over time.

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  1. you are butchering those pronunciations my dude

  2. yo dude what happened, this is a great video you should be doing more

  3. 1시간 | IDBH - 끊김 없는 테마 says:

    Yr Vd s wsm
    ou ieo I Awoe

  4. 형 인포그래픽도 영어로 바꾸는게 나을거 같아. 차라리 인포그래픽을 자체제작하는것도…

  5. 로패님이 하스 영상 두세개올릴때부터봐온 구독자인데 영상 중간중간에 영어나올때마다 항상 느꼇지만 발음이 너무 좋다

  6. 보통 2개국어 쓰는사람보면 언어마다 억양이나 목소리가 다르던데 이분은 완전 똑같네요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  7. Finally something mentions shadowverse from the get go

  8. "bu bu ancient egyptians made card games with giant rocks"

  9. Have a look also to the “True story of playing cards” for a comprehensive explanation of their origin

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