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Exploding Kittens – A card game for people who are into kittens and explosions

Exploding Kittens
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  1. In my party pack was also a bunch of symbol cards that can be attached on other cards, what do I do with them?

  2. What is the name of the song for the party pack that plays when you open it?? It’s the Spanish sounding one

  3. Skip can Skip or just Nope? And if I have 5 different card and I use it can my friend use Nope?

  4. This is less popular then the 2nd most popular yet it’s the most?

  5. For 10 bucks this game would be worth it.
    This game is fun for 5-10 rounds but after that it falls flat. Not worth the high pricetage for a simple card game. Get Carcassonne, Dead of Winter or many other really good games for 30% more money and have fun for dozens of hours without getting bored. Now you might say: "But Exploding Kittens is a simple and fun concept, my friends don't have the brainpower to comprehend a complex game, they would forget to breath if it wasn't automatic." But other games which are as simple and some even play the exactly the same cost 10-15 bucks. You laugh about the jokes and pictures from the cards exactly one time and after that it's exactly the same as all those half the cost games. There is no need for a fancy box either – it's not something like Robinson Crusoe, Catan or any other game which really needs a fancy box because there are so many materials you need to put into the box. This card game could just be sold as a simple mini-box with a folded manual and sold for 10 bucks.

    If you can get it for 10 bucks – go ahead and buy it, you pay the same for cinema nowadays and you get around the same amount of fun and time out of exploding kittens.
    You can only get it for 20+ bucks? Go ahead and buy some more complex games which are fun for huge amounts of time for 30 bucks like the ones I mentioned before or if you really want something as simple as exploding kittens get similar games for half of what exploding kittens costs. Check out the boardgame and cardgame reddit. There are some nice top 100 lists with MANY games to choose from.

  6. First edgy apple to apples and now wacky adhd Uno? Shit, I need to get into the business of taking some sub par boring game you'd find in your poor friend's closet and remixing it because apparently that is where the American dream has been hiding.

  7. it's a real shame i can't play over the internet with this game

  8. They were given over 8 million USD on kickstarter. This should be free or cost a dollar.

  9. Ok I played exploding kittens and saw you I funny acount and I thought the design look extremely similar, until I found out you made this game XD

  10. what about imploding kittens, please make a video for the expansion, and if allowed the NSFW version.

  11. I hope the eleven people whomstddve disliked this video are burning in hell

  12. You said kid friendly and made a nsfw version later

  13. I really want the card game but I can’t afford it. So now I have the app! Which is a little different but still really fun!

  14. I like how many times goats are mentioned

  15. Is there a way to know a player drew a explosive kitten if he doesn't reveal it?

  16. I love your book about how to tell if your cat wants to kill you

  17. Lo encontre porque la Tia Paty de "Shishis pa ́la banda" lo recomendo

  18. Got this game for Christmas brilliant! 🙀😺

  19. this is game is so underrated i wish more plpl play it

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