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Explore the Relationships in Your Life | {THE AND} Card Game

The Skin Deep
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Bring {THE AND} Experience into your life. The same questions you see on {THE AND} videos are now available for YOU to explore the relationships in your life. Sit across from each other, take 30 seconds of silence, and begin drawing questions to ask each other. That’s how easy it is to experience {THE AND} with either our Friends, Family, or Couples question decks. Check them out in our online shop at

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Explore the Relationships in Your Life | {THE AND} Card Game


  1. Just got this game last month, we're definitely going to do a video for this one … Its some very Deep questions 😅

  2. Oh this looks like a challenge I like it though ✌🏾️

  3. Yes!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I've already got the one for couples and I've been so excited for the others. Y'all are doing such fantastic work. Thank you for making this available to even more people. Much love from Texas.

  4. I Love this! Is there any chance you will translate these in other languages? Greetings from a big fan in Berlin, Germany!

  5. Ugh would loooove to buy this but the shipping is almost as much as the cards themselves!! 🙁

  6. Was going to buy it but the shipping is too much 🙁

  7. I really love THE AND, and i wanted to buy it, but every time when i saw the price for the delivery to europe (germany) i backed out of it because its really too much. I hope you will have the opportunity to destribute it for less shipping costs also to the EU one time. Thank you for the good work!

  8. Yo Skin Deep when are we getting another Window episode 🙂 P.S. luh you xoxo

  9. PLEASE UPDATE THE APP! more questions please 🙂

  10. Think I’m going to buy the app instead because the shipping to the uk is too expensive 😐

  11. I've almost bought the cards 3x but the shipping is a 1/3 of the cost of the cards. I wish there was a way to lower that. I would definately buy the cards then.

  12. So the shipping to Poland costs as much as an item itself (22 $ is a lot!) and there is no app for android users? That's a shame I wanted to participate in this experience in one way or another 🙁

  13. I bought all 5 decks 🙂🙂🙂 I have an issue

  14. Really love the idea of this, such a great way to open up to family and friends and express your feelings. But the cost of the international postage is so high! Really wish this was available on Amazon…

  15. They should really do something about that shipping cost if they want more people to buy theyre cards… and make an Android app!

  16. Wanted to buy this but shipping costs even more than the game itself🤦🏽‍♀️

  17. Yes, the shipping costs make this purchase cost prohibitive.

  18. But how many times can you play it with your spouse before it gets old? Honestly I do love it tho, if you have a spouse, friend or family member that loves you enough to be totally honest with you then you could have a great therapy session slash reality check on top of a huge opportunity for growth! I’m getting the game for those reasons alone! 🙌🏾

  19. My hubby and I broke out the Long Term Couples deck this morning. We agreed to pull 3 cards each to start. We spent 4 hours chatting. It was really an awesome experience. It will take some maturity to hear the truth of some of the answers.
    Married 19 years, together 22.

  20. Can you guys bring the app back? It was way more convenient & for those who already had paid for the app it was super upsetting for it to just vanish .

  21. What do the symbols on the cards mean?

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