FAILED CARD GAMES: Rage Werewolf Apocalypse Trading Card Game -

FAILED CARD GAMES: Rage Werewolf Apocalypse Trading Card Game

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  1. I remember back in the day as a kid getting Inquest magazine and, in the pricing section, there being a bunch of TCGs other than Magic. I wonder what happened to most of them. There were a lot of Star Trek and Star Wars ones IIRC.

  2. I remember back in the day as a kid getting Inquest magazine and, in the pricing section, there being a bunch of TCGs other than Magic. I wonder what happened to most of them. There were a lot of Star Trek and Star Wars ones IIRC.

  3. New drinking game Everybody… Rudy opens an entire box of "Rage" and we have to drink for every time he says "Vampire".

  4. Drink every time Rudy calls a Werewolf a Vampire

  5. They had novels like magic did back in day to supplement story of game

  6. You asked why the company died. Actually, they’re still around and making new product – mostly for the LARPing community – and they’ve had success with the Bloodlines game for Vampire. They’re so small tho. My guess is that there’s just not enough of a market for Vampire and Werewolf (they have other games also, all under the “World of Darkness” setting) games. Some, but not enough. Not like Yuglioh Pokingyermomgic. When I was a teen in the 90s I loved their Jyhad / Vampire TES game, but I never really got into it because no one else wanted to play those games at my HS.

  7. lol I renmeber these from school , Had a couple packs of these durring high school, not sure were they are now

  8. I still have a few decks of this, and a ton of singles.

  9. I've never played Rage but i've collected a good chunk of them simply for the art.

  10. I played Rage with my brothers as a kid 🙂

  11. If I recall the Upside down one was your uncommon and the backward was the rare

  12. Holy shit! This was my first card game that got me into ttrpgs!

  13. Man this one hit some nostalgia pressure points. Art was incredible and while a headache to get to learn, it wasn't bad at all once you "got it". I never did well with werewolves, but I actually found my niche once The Wyrm expansion came out with my armed fomori loaded First Team. Good times.

    Also, Shadowfist when?

  14. Oh god, this game takes me back. I played this, and BattleTech, Aliens vs Predator, Monty Python the Card Game, as well as MTG back in the day…
    … good times

  15. Going from memory, White Wolf hung around until about 10 years ago.

    Rage was a side product for them. White Wolf's main thrust was tabletop RPGs. Rage was a tie-in game for the RPG it's based off of (Werewolf: The Appocalypse.)

    As for what happened, I'm sure I'm missing some details, but the main thrust was pissing off fans.

    Werewolf, Vampire, and the other games were all part of a unified campaign setting called, "The World of Darkness." Incidentally, Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines is part of that setting. WoD had a very heavy, pre-millennial end of the world theme baked in. Back in the mid-90s it really connected with the Y2k anxieties. So, here's the problem, it's 2020 and we're still talking about World of Darkness.

    By 2004, White Wolf apparently felt they'd drawn things out about as far as they could justify, and they ushered in "The End of the World." There were a final four books published, one for Vampire, one for Werewolf, one for Mage, and a fourth book that wrapped up all the other lines (such as Hunter, Demon, Mummy, and the more obscure series.)

    By 2005, White Wolf had rotated into a rebooted World of Darkness. Where the original setting was designed to be a concrete whole, with a constant "comic book crossover event" level of interconnection, the new World of Darkness would be highly modular. Books were designed so you could pick up one book to fill out a portion of your campaign. If you wanted to use the police, you'd grab Tales from the 13th Precinct, if you wanted demons, you'd grab one of a couple books there, there was a book for immortal monsters that survived through generations. The changing breeds (werecritters that transformed into things other than wolves) got a single book. In the process, nWoD lost its identity and the Werewolves were a good example.

    In the original World of Darkness, Werewolves were the defenders of Gaia. They'd fight anyone who defiled the natural world or harmed nature spirits. So, you were playing as ecoterrorist werewolves. Whatever shortcomings WoD had, it did run with some very unique ideas.

    In the new World of Darkness, werewolves were cursed. No, really, that's it. They went from being a methed up Captain Planet to generic monsters. Some elements of ecoterrorism came in much, much, later after White Wolf realized how badly they'd screwed up, but by then it was too late. People had either abandoned the company and stayed with the original content, or completely dropped the brand.

    Now, that's just Werewolf, but there were issues like this across the board. Vampire dropped a bunch of fan favorite clans, Mage lost the entire faction conflict, Changeling (fairies) became unrecognizable, and a lot of the minor lines like Hunter, Demon, and Mummy were scoured entirely, only to be replaced by unrecognizable facilities under the same name. It wasn't all bad, Prometheus: The Created (think Frankenstein's Monster style characters) was really interesting, and the new version of Hunter had some, interesting stuff, but the fan base was mostly gone by that point.

    White Wolf had a few other product lines, a fantasy setting called Exalted for example, but it's sales didn't seem to be high enough to keep the company afloat.

    By the early 2010s, they were running on fumes. Since then there's been some movement, and the rights have been moved around. From what I remember, Vampire: The Eternal Struggle is still getting releases from White Wolf. Which is kinda surprising to me, because the last few nWoD and Exalted books I have were very clearly print on demand.

  16. Thanks for doing this I love this **

    Yeah, the saga cards look alike

  17. White Wolf as a company didn't fail. They make tabletop RPGs in the World of Darkness universe. They were making new expansions as recent as 5 or 6 years ago.

  18. Nice, I remember trying to play Rage. Ended up with just a handful of packs and a starter i think. they were neat. I also tried a strange one called Heresy that had huge tarot card sized cards. love these old throwbacks.

  19. Interesting that Yu-Gi-Oh thrilved when Pokemon and magic hit a rough patch, and kind of became more irrelevant as the other games came back into the lime light

  20. White Wolf made their first card game, Jyhad using the same matte finish as MTG. Wizards got pissed and I believe they agreed under the table not to use the same style for any future games and they wouldn't sue. This mattered because WW was being sued for over things which wvwntually led to Jyhad being renamed Vampire: The Masquerade. Doomtrooper is still the best of the oldies though imo.

  21. I remember buying a starter set for this cause I was looking for something like but not magic… I don't remember playing more then twice.. I also got into Marvel Overpower. But if I remember basically all TCG games got crushed by the Holy Trinity – Magic, Star Wars TCG and the death nail was Pokemon just my opinion from what I remember

  22. I had the best deck to destroy other players packs. Makes me teary-eyed just thinking about it.

  23. Wanna promote failed CCG's talk about Magi-Nation or Raw Deal.

  24. I remember playing this along with MTG, Legend of The Five Rings, Legend of The Burning Sands, and Vampire TES.

  25. Nice seeing cards from an era when game stores didn't just rely on MTG and maybe one other game to carry the store. I had an LGS where I played 6 games or so at once with tournaments at least once a month for each..

  26. They just announced a new Werewolf: The Apocalypse video game recently. Think it's for PC, PS5 and X1X but can't recall for sure.

  27. I want nothing more than to have a local playgroup to pick up a dead TCG and go ham opening packs, trading, meta-gaming etc.

  28. Good old rage. The one local vid store in the mid 90s, a fe years before another moved in and blockbuster was across the street, always had a large box where they just dumped hundreds of unopened packs: Rage, Illuminati, Jyhad/Vampire, and probably a few others. Good times.

  29. Another reason why trading cards were on the down turn during the early 2000s: People needed money for cars, dating…and gettin that BOOTY! o>O lol PLus the game sucked for a while. It was best from 1993 till mid 1999. *shrugs * BUt yah, buy what thou wilt! RAGE! ^~^

  30. OMG i played Rage it was sooo confucing but I liked The Wherewolves having 2 sides per and post transform.

  31. Rage is a really fun card game and good for multiplayer.

  32. the art on one of those cards was by Richard Kayne Furgeson.

  33. Open a box of "The Umbra" or "Wyrm" next. Rage Across Las Vegas is too hard to find.

  34. All the character cards except allies, enemies, and victims (Wyrm) were dual-sided. Your character could "Rage" and turn into the werewolf form under certain conditions in the game. Making a deck was hard from what I remember because of all the different tribes. One card let you "unite" two tribes together kind of like the Treaty cards in the Star Trek game so Klingons/Federation etc could be on the same ships and help complete missions. Everyone back then in my town played Magic or Decipher's Star Trek game, with a few others playing the Star Wars one. No one else I knew had Rage cards.

  35. I bought a few packs of these at a flea market when I was 10 years old. What a cool walk down nostalgia lane. The art on these cards was truly amazing.

  36. I have a deck of rage Amazon edition firs edition with a holo card and the double sided cards as well

  37. I'm selling them if anyone is interested

  38. Lets Remake something cool like this! This is so boiled down to a cool 90s TCG fighting essence! I can smell the blood in the air^^ aauuuuuuuuu

  39. This was a great game if you were into WODS and Werewolf the Apoc

  40. Rage has a fenomenal Flavour. We gonne revive this one…brining back the wild chicks to TCG WORLD

  41. The actual Werewolf cards themselves are the flip cards. They are usually the first two cards you looked at, laid down then started asking "Where are the flip cards?" EVERY pack Lol

  42. If people are still playing it… did it really fail?

  43. You should do this every Friday. Call it failed Friday opening or some shit

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