FAILED CARD GAMES: Rage Werewolf Apocalypse Trading Card Game -

FAILED CARD GAMES: Rage Werewolf Apocalypse Trading Card Game

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~ June 2020 Patron List ~

Flesh And Blood Variety Kit – Arcane Rising Promo set

Core 2021 Collectors Boxes – 6/29/2020

RIvals of Ixalan
GUilds of Ravnica
Revnica Allegiance
War of the spark

NORMAL BOXES – 79.99 shipped
MTG – Theros Beyond Death
MTG – Throne of Eldraine
MTG – Core 2020


  1. I remember when the borders outlet store near me closed, they had boxes of these boosters for 1.99$. I bought 2 for the hell of it as a kid not into card games, and was enamored with the art and the idea of playing cards, but i had no friends and that hasnt really changed 😂

  2. I played this game with my brother and cousin. It was great fun. I luckily got Manu and my starter pack character. Manu was a lvl 10 and when beaten would go into a frenzy mode and usually take out everyone with him. Needless to say i got ganged up on a lot. Lol! Many arguments ensued…to the point we wrote the company for clarification on rules and they wrote back and answered all our little quibbles. What's more impressive is we are in Australia and they still took the time to answer. They sent like 15 a4 pages of explanations. To us kids, we thought it was awesome! I still have hundreds of cards in excellent condition, enough for at least 3-4 players. Might break it out and teach my nephew we he's old enough. Also tried Overpower, it was the Marvel characters card game. And tried another, Doom Patrol with space marine looking characters. Both were no good compared to Rage.

  3. Loved this game, still play it on occasion with friends

  4. I had a couple boxes of these Rage cards. They came out in 95-96 if I remember correctly. They were cool at the time I thought. Had some Magic from then too. Of course I can't find them lol.

  5. I remember I would pick these cards up at a far away salvation army in the 90's with my grandma. The most nostalgic feeling I will ever have or remember.

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