Failed Card Games : Who remembers Battletech and Redemption? Free Nostalgia! -

Failed Card Games : Who remembers Battletech and Redemption? Free Nostalgia!

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While few Games survive the test of time….a long list of companies and people have lost everything trying to make it in the cardboard industry :-/



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  1. Loved Battletech. Hope someone brings back to card game with the genre getting big again.

  2. We had to play battle tech in 5th grade because my friends mom thought MTG was satanic

  3. Yeah Nationals for Redemption was just held in Tx this Aug 2018 and 100 + players it’s a great game with the new sets the last 3 years that’s been around since CCG came out 1994 -still going.

  4. There were several of these in the late 90s-2000s but most of em had no support in my area and the rules were such trash on some of em that you needed to have a guide book just to play em…. like Star Wars TCG… member that? member all those rules? me neither… hahah

  5. Is there any value to the cards. I never played but magic the gathering and yugioh looks cooler.

  6. The Questionaire is actually a subscription to Shonen Jump

  7. Redemption is still going strong. Pretty fun game. I'm hoping to incorporate it into Sunday School activities.

  8. Battletech has one of the most amazing worlds ever created. It's the best sci-fi world out there imo

  9. When I was a kid I brought my Magic cards on a Boy Scout camping trip. I couldn't find a game. I ended up playing a righteous game of Redemption with a couple of young chaps instead. I even ended up trading them some of my Magic: The Gathering cards for some of their Redemption cards, thus tainting their souls and damning them to hell. The good old days.

  10. Redemption is still making more cards and still having tournament play local city state and national.

  11. i still have all my 90s pogs and battletech cards.

  12. I would be very, very reluctant to call Battletech a "failed" game! It had two editions and four or five expansions, and it did pretty well while it was out! I've been playing all sorts of wargames and CCG's for three decades, and in all that time the most crowded event I ever attended was the release of the first Battletech CCG expansion, which had over a hundred people. The game died, because, well… FASA died. The issues were not with the game, but with the parent company and the rights.

    As for the game itself, it was a hell of a lot of fun! Having been designed by MtG creator Richard Garfield, it took that game and added some concepts into the mix like having your library be your health, being able to attack everything on the table, units having speeds and structural damage that needs to be repaired, the core lands giving the player special abilities, etc. It was really good, and it's a testament to its quality that it remains the only CCG that I still dust off and play with friends every now and then. 🙂

  13. Never seen the Redemption game, but think there was a Promo card in Wizard Magazine. I played BattleTech, but WoTC had just acquired TSR, and FASA came with it. They priced the BattleTech cards so high no one wanted to buy them.

  14. Fun tip, they used the same core for battletech as MTG. The higher end fakes use these cards. The more you know~

  15. I have just over 1000 Battletech. Still trying to increase collection. Fun game but steep learning curve compared to most TGCs.

  16. Hmmm…I still have these and created 8 decks.

  17. Seeing those Fallen Empires boxes made my day

  18. I still have some of my old redemption cards haha!! Never played. Got them way back in the day when I was a kid for real cheap, opened the packs, and put them in a box with a bunch of other random tcg cards. They were actually great quality cards.

  19. I used to have a bunch of those redemption cards and I thought they were really cool. I never actually played the game because I had nobody to play it with. I just enjoyed collecting them. Actually I tried to play this with my sister a few times but I can't remember how the gameplay was like.

  20. Батлтех нравился больше мтг, это было круто, скучаю по тем временам.. (((

  21. Wow, I met a guy who worked on Redemption. That takes me back. Plenty folks around VA/N.C. played that one

  22. Redemption is still active. It's a good card game.

  23. I have to ssy about Redemption CCG;
    Its my favorite card game, and would prefer a game of redemption over a game of magic the gathering anyday. I havent been playing much as of now cause people not interested but love to get more active back in the game

  24. Do you have any redemption trading cards for sale?

  25. Played Redemption growing up and still have a huge folder of cards as well as my built deck. Spent tons of time battling away back in the day. Good times.

  26. yes I do remember Redemption I'm playing in 20 20 no good son of a b** go fuc yourself

  27. Dang I used to play redemption in middle school I think. Was fun and I do remember the card quality being exceptional. You don't need to be a Christian but if you don't know bible stories (which the characters are based off) then I think some of it will be random nonsense to you because even small things have symbolic significance in the stories that end up becoming a card. It was a genius idea for a game, it just relies on a Christian market

  28. I played Redemption back in my youth and have recently gotten back into it after cleaning out storage and finding my old cards. As a fan of TCGs this one is probably one of my favorites and its not even because of the religious theme. The goal of each person is to rescue 5 Lost Souls. Each player must have a minimum of 7 Lost Souls in their deck and these can be no ability or have one such as only being able to be rescued by a New Testament Hero. Each player has an offense which are the heroes (examples are the Disciples, David, Moses, Mary Magdalene) and each player also has a defense which are your evil characters (Goliath, The Pharisees, The Egyptians from the Moses story). Heroes will try and make a rescue attempt of the Lost soul while the bad guys will be defense. Each character has strength and health. The goal is to beat the other. These cards might have special abilities allowing for drawing, searching, discarding, etc. During battle there are things called enhancements which have stats and special abilities to help their respective character. If the hero wins the battle the player receives a lost soul. As said this is the goal, to rescue 5 of these. This is a mechanic I like as most TCGs have the goal of just knocking out a players health. The game is based off the Bible but not too much knowledge is needed as the card will normally state if it’s a prophet, king, phillistine, Egyptian, disciple, priest, etc. As someone else stated one thing that would help is just standard knowledge of knowing if a book reference is in the new or Old Testament. Each of the heroes have brigades that signify what enhancements can played on them kind of like a type. These brigades are generally distinguished but not limited to classes though. Purple brigade tends to be Disciples and O.T. Kings, Evil Black Brigade tend to be Phillistines and Pharisees/ Saduccess. Their are more brigades but that would take to long to explain. Along in the game their are artifacts, fortresses, and dominants that can be played. The most important of these are dominants which are signified by a lamb or a grim reaper icon. These cards can be played at any point in the game even if it’s not your turn. They have abilities to help rescue lost souls and as well as help in battles. The game is still running expansions but just never took off because of the religious aspect. I believe if people would give it a chance they would find the mechanics are super interesting. Any ways thanks for coming to my TedTalk

  29. The fact that Redemption is still going is pretty impressive. The only real problem I have with the game is that most of the cheapest packs are from the original basic set, and the first set was extremely simplistic, with most cards having no abilities at all. I also didn't like it when superhero art started to pop up on some of the cards, it felt wildly out of place.

  30. Actually Rudy Redemption has not failed they're still going after 26 years they just came out with a new set just a few months ago

  31. There was a Christian store near my house that sadly went out of business about a decade ago. I used to go there with my mom and buy Redemption cards. I never learned how to play but it was cool seeing something like that and it always made me want to buy more. It was nice seeing a Christian interpretation of a card game like this.

  32. Lol I just ordered the Redemption gift set.

  33. Redemption is still in publication, with an (expansion?) set released this year. MtG artist Mark Poole has also created artwork for Redemption. =^[.]^=

  34. I got a pack that I got at Electronic Boutique back in 96 or 97 and I've been trying to sell it forever, even got a Victor Steiner. This game must be dead and forgotten. I love Mech stuff though.

  35. Oh god Battletech Is my favorite thing. And I found out that They had a CCG A month ago Frankly. But not just that. . When I saw that Wizards Made the Battletech CCG and not just that either!!!…. And then when I saw the year .. 1997 WOC. I dropped what I was doing and went online looking. I just ordered my first booster box of it. I have ordered 20 or so boosters already and opened those from Mercenaries. I got a counter strike booster box should be here today. If anyone is selling any of these. Used or new. Let me know

  36. We’re have a learn n play in Laredo with Redemption in 9/3/21 and 9/4. Soah…yeah, still alive and well.

  37. i like Redemption tcg
    but i once was in a small store.
    they had small games(if you refer them to magic the gathering)
    The owner she talked about a game called Rage.
    but they didnt have it home

  38. Hey if you have any more Battletech cards let me know here! Im itching for more.

  39. I loved Battletech. I still have a 5000 count box full of it and all my decks.

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