Failed Card Games : Who remembers Battletech and Redemption? Free Nostalgia! -

Failed Card Games : Who remembers Battletech and Redemption? Free Nostalgia!

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While few Games survive the test of time….a long list of companies and people have lost everything trying to make it in the cardboard industry :-/



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  1. redemption.. for when you want to play magic but you dont want to burn in hell for eternity for it.

  2. Grimagia didn't end up going anywhere. It was a monster girl card game, they still have their website up but it never really showed up in stores anywhere and it seems the only people who have it are the indiegogo supporters.

  3. Poggs are awesome! I still have my collection!

  4. Talking about old and strange card games, do you have The Monthy Pyton Card Game? I sold mine 15 years ago and ould love to see them!

  5. i got redemption from my grandparents when i was a kid i played it a few time with people from church

  6. ahey Rudy do a video on chaotic

  7. Man… those Battletech cards definitely took me back to the 90s.

  8. i got lots of old card games, including spawn power cars, spellfire, jyhad, shadowrun

  9. I played this in the mid to late 90s? I loved it. Clan Ghost Bear! But seriously folks, it wasn't bad. Art wasn't great. Did someone say Jyhad or Rage? Now they had some good card art.

  10. am I gonna have to send Rudy 7th sea to get him to talk about it, or what?!?

  11. Great video!! Thank you for spot lighting Redemption! The game is still active and we just had a new set released. If you were impressed by the old card stock and art you MUST pick up some of the new packs like Revelation of John or Cloud of Witnesses.

  12. Rage CCG was my jam back in the day, love these old games…

  13. Rudy do you happen to have any chaotic? I'm willing to spend some money on it

  14. still play battletech man

    love that game

    was playing this in 94' and mechwarrior on pc

    its how i learned all my mech and clan lore

    btw wonder if FFG will ever reboot this considering L5R around the corner

  15. I really like these videos. Have you dabbled in or ever looked at old miniatures games, like Mage Knights?

  16. Redemption is still around and its very big in the christian world. If you'd like to learn to play, look up Brown City Camp in Michigan. We run a league once a year during family camp time, where we teach people to play and help strengthen each others decks for us veterans who have been playing for YEARS. Even my boyfriend who is a major MTG player plays this.

  17. Oh man, I've got some boxes of Redemption lying around haha

  18. The old card look for Redemption overall is great, the huge pieces of art is awesome, but overall, kind of impractical when you realize the text box in the bottom is the quote from the bible, while a card's special ability or effect are placed on top of the art in either or black or white text. Luckily, the newer cards fix this by placing both the quote and effect in the box, but they no longer have the nice scroll design to then, which saddens me.

  19. I played redemption for years, I still have enough to make a few decks. I even went to Nationals one year.

  20. i loved battletech my long range missile deck was just strate fun

  21. bro redemption is still going on very fun

  22. Battletech played like ass, I had a ton of cards since my hobby store in town carried them and eventually they were 99cents a pack when they weren't selling. The art was ok, but honestly wasn't fun to play. I understood why it went under.

  23. The art for the redemption tcg looks pretty good, I wonder if the game is fun.

  24. At a church I went to when I was younger they would trade you these for you Pokemon cards. These were really made as a response to the hysteria surrounding Pokemon cards.

  25. It's essentially played almost exactly like mtg

  26. Bummer about Battletech. Such a cool world.

  27. I've enough Battletech cards to fill a fatpack box, still no idea on how to build a deck for it. There was a Star Trek CCG continental run last year in Australia, though the community apparently has moved onto using proxy cards due to the unobtanalbity of some cards & how they add new cards to the game.

  28. Redemption is still around. I still have the cards and play with my dad every once in awhile

  29. I played it when I was in high school. It failed because it was so insanely complicated that it was too hard to teach to other people.

    I also got to meet the guy who created the game. He was like 500 lbs, and yeah he said Magic was his main influence.

  30. Redemption has been around almost as long as magic the gathering. They have put out a new set or starter deck consistently every year. If you would like to learn there is a play group near you in Florida. Or you can contact me and I will help get you to where you can go. There is even an online version where you can earn national ranking points playing online.

  31. i used to play redemption when i was a kid because my mom wouldn't let me play magic! for what it was, it was a fun game, i even went to a redemption tournament back in the day

  32. ^_^ Loved the Battletech card game! I absolutely love the entire universe from the tabletop, the computer games, and the novels and RPG. It's a shame the card game didn't catch on as much as it did.
    Oddly, the limited edition is the least value holding in the series. There's a trade group up on Facebook that deals with these.

  33. Hi Rudy! Could you do an opening of Redemption's current sets? I'd be very interested in your opinion.

  34. Im trying to find the video where Rudy had a bunch of other tcg cards and one of them was a trio of busty chicks holding beer or something. Anyone know the vid? 😘

  35. Alpha, you'll be suprised to know, redemption is still going on even to today, doesnt get alot of exposure but if i had to choose between mtg and redemption, sorry to say but id go for redemption any day of the week, been going on since 94 and is still a game thats going on today even with expansions being released evn to this day. To me redemption is a game i cannot and will not get away from

  36. I can see why the battletech card game didn't take off… to bad no one has tried again in a non wizards format

  37. Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things says:

    I have redemption the board games

  38. Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things says:

    Got any failed collectible miniatures games?

  39. I remember the older kids playing this at comic stores in the late 90s

  40. It was a huge deal at the time same w legends of 5 rings

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