FAILING Card Games = Final Fantasy / Dragon Ball Super / KeyForge -

FAILING Card Games = Final Fantasy / Dragon Ball Super / KeyForge

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  1. Just because it’s not as big as the longest-running card games, doesn’t mean they’re failing 🙄

  2. I think the DBS card game is still thriving but i honestly think you might be right. I was thinking of investing in dbs cards and this video was exactly what i was looking for. There simply isn't enough room for more than a few tcg's in the market, even if you have super cool artwork like dbs cg its not going to matter unless the tcg gets mainstream appeal. I hope i am not kicking myself in the balls for following your advice but i felt you were being honest as heck here.

  3. You should of bought out that dbs stock that was on clearance there rudes… would of done you quite well im thinking.

  4. This reminds me of my old Rage cards, I loved those cards so much, I wish they had a bit more spotlight at the time.

  5. DBS just announced sets 15 and 16 haha. 300 player online events…
    Dead game lol 😆

  6. Rudy you said, "I really wish someone would prove me wrong and crack the system." Outlander: World of Faction has done it. Don't give up just yet on looking for the next MEGA hit. It's coming and it's called Outlander: World of Factions.

  7. Dragon Ball is thriving August 2021

  8. Do an update on Dragon Ball Super TCG please!

  9. Talk about a point of view that did not age well. On DragonBall super. 3 different booster boxes selling for 2000 plus.

  10. Keep seeing wyvern on the shelf case and point lol

  11. Well this video aged badly…Final fantasy & DBZ both doing incredible!

  12. If you can point me to a legit store selling displays of dragon ball super at 20-30$ instead of the usual 80-100$ which are not sold out, i'll be eternally grateful lol

  13. Anyone in here know how these games are doing? I hear Keyforge is about dead with their last release. I don't know much about DBS or how FF is doing but those FF cards look sick but I don't know anyone who has or plays it.

  14. i have that zelda ocarina of time prima strategy guide 🙂

  15. Rudy wrong about DBS TCG man who would of knew.

  16. 2 out of the 5 years have lapsed and ff still getting new sets xD

  17. Well here it is 2 years later and DBS is doing great! Cards and booster boxes holding value and constantly going up! Know plenty of people loving the game and it growing very big right now.

  18. Hi Rudy, watch out the DBS fans are gonna Kamehameha you.

  19. Lol 2022 and Final Fantasy tcg is alive more than ever

  20. Final Fantasy is still going strong. Just saying

  21. 2022 DBZ Super is still huge, Keyforge has taken a break, Final Fantasy has a fan base still

  22. Feb 12 2022 Dragon ball sales are doing extremely well.

  23. I play 4 different card games (mainly Ygo Mtg and Dbscg) and I think Dragonball Super card game is pretty good especially since its mostly balanced in my opinion unlike ygo where you have to spend tons of money to actually have a good deck and I think Dragonball is pretty similar to mtg I feel like alot of the mtg community would like Dragonball if they know what the dragonball show

  24. You’re really bad at predicting the future lol all these games are still selling and successful

  25. Rudy did you have a position with transformers tcg? Its another wotc product

  26. So your whole argument is based off your biased opinion. Congrats

  27. I like how butthurt alot of people in the comment sections are and were quick to defend thier favorite tcg but the numbers dont lie. Unless you live in a huge city most lgs cater to mtg, yugioh and pokemon because they are the only ones that are holding the steam they started with.

  28. This did not age well. Dragon Ball is huge rn and a lot of boxes are at insane prices

  29. I think you underestimated dragon ball.

  30. Have you seen all the shakedown heavy decks on arena its like maddening

  31. Super still going strong here in 2022 releasing set 18.

  32. Bakugan made a return in recent years, but that is more like a toy series and card game combined.

  33. Well KeyForge is back and has raised over $850,000 (so far) on gamefound for the next set!

  34. I have a feeling that Rudy doesn’t like Keyforge because its secondary market doesn’t work the same way as other CCGs/TCGs.

  35. Speaking from this point in the future….. What game is failing? Sure as shit not Keyforge because it is coming back after COVID.

  36. Yet he shilled the fuck out of meta zoo

  37. Super has died down at my lgs, but final fantasy is doing fine. Mtg is down to mostly just commander and prereleases. One piece is doing alright, but it's still kinda new. Flesh and Blood is doing very well. Pokemon is doing great. Yugioh is doing alright

  38. This aged well. Derp derp derpppp iM RuDY I kNow stuFF. How's that final fantasy doing , ya jackass. I dO investment, ok man tits

  39. Any thoughts formed in the middle of covid lockdowns, etc… are nothing but a fever dream in 2023. The fever dream is centered around what anyone was thought to be the most certain thing about the state of reality.

  40. Final fantasy opus 22 planned release next year so…… yeah

  41. Don't want to be that guy, but gonna be that guy: the FFTCG secondary market is doing great atm. Booster boxes selling out at my LGS for the most recent set, I got one and just sold a full art Celes for $50. The full art Estinien is going for $1000.

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