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Favorite Game Friday Card Games

The Dice Tower
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Roy and crew take a look at their favorite card games!!

Next week is campaign games! Drop a video in the google drive to join in!


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  1. Hanabi is easily mine. I’ve played it the most and taught it the most. I’m probably responsible for 12 people adding the game to their collection. All non gamers too.

  2. My favorite card game is also my favorite game. (It consistently keeps coming out on top when using Pubmeeple to rank my games.)MahJongg, the Card Game

  3. Card games are my favorite. Right amount of luck and strategy. Magic is my favorite.

  4. xenoshyft onslaguht is hands down my card game, and fav game of all time

  5. 7:14 Yes! Android: Netrunner! Although, that one is an incredibly close second for me. My #1 card game is actually Star Wars: The Card Game by Eric M. Lang.

  6. You guys are killling me: I always say Sentinels of the Multiverse, so I chose something different this week, but then everyone else chose Marvel Champions! I like Marvel Champions A LOT, but I love Sentinels of the Multiverse!

  7. My favorite old school card game is Star Wars CCG (Decipher). Favorite current game is Exploding Kittens.

  8. so i said most of the deckbuilding
    campign is hero relams and agent decker

  9. and again… always with the popular games I don't like marvel champions 🙁
    give us the not popular suggestions for god sake 🙂

  10. My favorite is Kashgar Merchants of The Silk Road

  11. Magic: The Gathering for me… easily the game I have the most plays of over the years. Wah! I haven't played it since lockdown. I miss it!

  12. 2:12 Thought for sure this guy was going to pick Sentinels of the Multiverse. So, then, I'll pick it!

  13. 1.Marvel Champions
    2.Thunderstone Quest
    4.Hero Realms
    5.Black Rose Wars

  14. Most of my collection are card games. On the top spot will be Imperial Settlers.

  15. I agree with Arkham Horror: The Card Game but coming in a fairly close second would be Legendary Encounters. [PS: There are cards in Pandemic Legacy: Season 1……Oh sorry, that’s next week..!]

  16. 1. Innovation
    2. Glory to Rome
    3. Millennium Blades
    4. Race for the Galaxy
    5. Marvel Legendary

  17. Arkham Horror: The Card Game. My favorite game ever

  18. Marvel champions solo and Skull King with friends.

  19. We love deck builders and two of the best are Fantastiqa and Hardback. I like that Fantastiqa has Quest cards which add up to winning points outside of the deck itself. Fantastiqa also has creatively enlargened on the rock, paper, scissors mechanism. Hardback has replaced all of our previous word games. It also has a wild card system that evens the playing field for those who have a hard time with word games.

  20. Mik, I love Just Desserts too! Do you have the coffee or bacon expansions?

  21. Mage Knight, Dominion, San Juan, Concordia and LOTR LCG are some of my favorite card driven games!

  22. San Juan, Arctic Scavengers, Valley of the Kings Premium Edition, Arboretum…

  23. Ok before watching: Call to adventure is real fun, I also like Grimm Forrests a lot at the moment Oh and Kanagawa! So which would I choose for favourite? Hmm difficult….
    I think right now it would be Call to adventure

    After seeing the video: I really appreciate the work the one with the mushrooms did! It must have bee some time looking around to find the right mushrooms! Awesome clip ^^ also the illustrations look nice 😉

  24. Campaign games next week I hope to see Detective and Kings Dilemma in there XD I adore those two. But i expect Tainted grail and Chronicles of crime to come more often. well, we'll see 😉

  25. Arkham Horror? Marvel Champions? Gee, I love both of them, but the one game that is streets ahead of both of them is…


  26. Holy smokes! When did you get so many contributors??

  27. I’d say that Ethnos is my favorite card game, but you might challenge that Ethnos is a board game. So, I’ll say San Juan.

  28. So many good card games out there. Today I’m picking Marvel Champions. Give me Hulk already!

  29. Wow!!
    So good to hear RUNE AGE is still getting some love!! 😊

    I really have to get it out again 🙂

  30. Redemption CCG, Epic LCG, Magic CCG, Pokemon CCG, Smash Up

  31. Was hard to pick one, so I have player categories:

    Two Player: Lost Cities
    3 Players: Cribbage
    4 Players: 6 Nimmt/X Nimmt
    5+: Cross Clues

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