FINAL FANTASY Trading Card Game - Tutorial Series -

FINAL FANTASY Trading Card Game – Tutorial Series

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We take you through the basics of the FFTCG with game creator Taro Kageyama! In this first part, we will talk about the different cards and their utility as well as show you a couple turns. Don’t forget to check our official website for the latest news and stay tuned for Episode 2 where we will dive more into the gameplay details!


  1. seriously. where can I buy the play mat.

  2. People, play this game. I need more win fodder

  3. The game rules don't seem very Final Fantasy-esque…. instead they come across as very generic card game… A good opportunity was squandered to really capture FF style play.

  4. What did he do at 2:58 I didn't understand that flip he made. Trying to learn this game

  5. Where have I been where I haven't known this till now?!

  6. to be honest im gonna buy the cards to collect them i'm not gonna play the game cause i got no one to play with

  7. Would've been nice if the card company that made the artwork made original art for the card game instead of just using old artwork from the games. Also…squeenix, get rid of the music in these videos. I could barely understand the words coming out of their mouths.

  8. There needs to be a button on the mat which can be pressed by the winner at the end. The button plays an 8 bit version of the Victory fanfare.

  9. OMG!!! U .. THEY… had a cool card game! nd f…..ed it up ………lame bastards.

  10. Going to love this! I wish a Tetra Master card game could also be done in both electronic and physical forms; I love that game also.

  11. i really wanny play with someone but sadly most of the people around me play magic

  12. It feels like someone who is a great fan of the game made this tutorial video through all its awkward cuts and completely non-forced dialogue. Fun thing is, this is an official tutorial, which gives it so much more charm. Just the fact that the official creator puts a tutorial for a TCG online is nice, I don't see Wizards of the Coast doing that stuff.

  13. Very well made , super percise information , very easy to understand.

    At least from the basics this game looks relatively simple

  14. I would love to play, unfortunately it's not available in Brazil :<

  15. This should have been a LCG. I would be much more inclined to play the game. I hate CCGs.

  16. magic the gathering ripoff, tapping cards to create mana, cant you think of something more original?? NOOB GAME DEVELOPERS

  17. I wish remake Final Fantasy VII have trading card game Like FFVIII

  18. Cards look amazing,art is ofc perfect as usual in FF,quality of the cards beats every single TCG out there. Game play is so dumb and confusing it makes the game unplayable,and I cant imagine anyone who is into Yu-Gi,Poke or MTG,actualy playing this. Opened 2 booster boxes for the love of FF,was amazed by everything about them exept for actual game play,so dissapointing and aggravating.

  19. I don't play this game but bought 15 packs just because I love the art. I'm gonna collect these lol.

  20. holy shit…i need to look into this more, i love the ffvi pad. Are there ffvi card sets, art and all that?

  21. What ever happened to this game? Did MTG sue?

  22. Immediately makes me want to build some type of FFVI deck

  23. I couldn't finish the videos. That guys voice and accent was kind of annoying to me.

  24. I was really confused when reading the rules on how CP is generated at the start, but knowing that you can just discard a card at the start has helped haha.

  25. maaan… the "background music" is so loud

  26. Who's here after PAX EAST 2020?? I loved trying this game at the booth!

  27. Love the music but this videos needs to be mixed better

  28. So . . . its basically an altered Magic
    But instead of Lands, you discard, and Backups act as Lands with a cost?

  29. Still sharing this 4 years later, even during COVID new people can play

  30. hit the like button when I heard "lets play a couple turns" and the battle music started…making the tutorials like the FF in-game tutorials, awesome

  31. im surprised they havent made a video game version of this.

  32. Kinda hard to keep track of how many crystal points

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