FIRST Cards from Romance Dawn Revealed! 1st Ever One Piece TCG Set! (One Piece TCG News) -

FIRST Cards from Romance Dawn Revealed! 1st Ever One Piece TCG Set! (One Piece TCG News)

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We’ve seen a bunch of starter deck cards but it’s time to see the first ever cards from the first ever set! Come see!

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  1. Looks like:Red = StrawhatPurple = Four Emperors Green = Worst Generation Blue = World Government

  2. I just wanna build a Bon clay deck he deserves everything

  3. Hopefully soon we get a better ruling for Law's recycle Ability. Remember that when a new character is played via his Ability, that character cannot attack the same turn as it was just played, unless it has Rush. Also… I take it the Don!! attached to the character returned to hand goes back to the Don!! area as tapped (used)

  4. I have started a few months abo with Digimon tcg and loving it. I hope one piece will be also this great.

  5. essentially, what law allows you to do, is SHAMBLE

  6. to many TCGS man i wanted to start digimon but now here comes one piece

  7. Kaido deck for sure the go to… curious if you could also do a review of the Warlords deck?

  8. The only thing I don't like is limiting a deck to one color, also possibly not being able to have multiple captains… but I can see how it is set up to balance the game, it just kind of limits what we can make. I feel like to a One Piece fan, by looking at the decks it is obvious as to what characters are going to be for what: There is going to be a Straw Hat Group, a Worst Generation Group, a 7 Warlord Group, a Navy Group, and a Pirate Emperor Group, although maybe that might get split up or changed in the future. Some of those cards have a lot more characters to pull than others and also some of those cards have a lot stronger characters in it than others. I just wish we were able to play this game in a way that let us feel like we were creating our own crews.

    If we wanted to put Page One and Ulti in a Kid's Deck it would be nice to be able to, if we wanted to put Drake, Law, or Katakuri on a Luffy deck we should be able to, if we want to put Luffy and Ace in a Navy deck, that could be fun as well. I still want these cards, mostly for the rare arts, and I will try playing it, but I know that is going to affect how much I get into the game.

  9. Cant wait to buy all jaja i remember when i say you i Hope we can have nice tcg one piece!

  10. You have other rush card red sanji starter deck

  11. wish my lgs was selling the super pre release

  12. I'm strangely excited by the fact that you're gonna get into One Piece it's always exciting when new people start the journey. And considering you're already excited about the card game, imagine seeing your favorite characters as cards or seeing your favorite cards as actual characters in the story. (Although it might be a while before you meet any of the characters in the Kaido deck.)

  13. I'm really happy so far with how well these cards characteristics and abilities match the actual characters and aren't just arbitrarily thrown on to random cards.

  14. 01:08
    are your sure to spen time to watch anime who hame more than 1000 episode that insane?
    even me who back than a OP fan can't catch up with that, after Big Mom ARC.

  15. Been a huge One Piece fan since elementary school so it would be great to be able to play this. Love the artwork on these cards it seems like the only difference between the common and SR is that the SR art goes beyond the art boarder like Digimon but I would hope they also have a nice holo effect.

  16. If you play that board wipe Kaido you are required to yell "THUNDER BAGUA!" As you slam the card on the table in dramatic fashion.
    Cavendish having that skill makes a good bit of sense to his character. Seems Red might be the aggro deck, fingers crossed.
    When you play that Law you have to say "Chamblers" as you swap your characters from field to hand then vice versa.
    I'm happy to see an Alvida card. Hopefully there can be a full on Buggy Pirates deck.

  17. Since you're actually expressing interest in getting into One Piece proper I have to say I'd recommend reading the manga as opposed to watching the anime as it respects your time more (takes a lot longer to watch than read and there's a bunch of filler to boot, most of which isn't really worth your time) and is just better overall. also you can always just watch the scenes you really like or want to see animated after the fact, so you get the best of both worlds. And even though I recommend the manga over the anime I would still recommend watching the movies to some extent though as some of them are fantastic. Honestly really cool to see that you plan on giving the series a go though because in my opinion it's more than worth your time. Really looking forward to the card game and any and all further coverage you have of said game. Keep up the good work, God bless, take care, and have a wonderful day.

  18. That Law card looks pretty lame to be honest.

  19. Also some of the card abilities are kinda giving me Smash Up! vibes.

  20. Wossy, ya gotta watch the anime soon. The Law card effect is perfect for his devil fruit ability. Haha

  21. One piece games? Huh they all bad, so don’t play em

  22. But the Don Krieg card, the yamato, Sabo, Zoro, Mihawk, Boa, Ulti (artist design), pacifista, Crocodile (artist design), Moria etc. are all in the first set Romance dawn. We have no effects but we got a look on cards in the set so technically those are not the first cards revealed. They are only the first ones that got actual effects 😀
    Edit: Sanji also is a card that has rush 🙂 but yeah all rush card are red so far

  23. Now the booster art looks wayyyyyy better than the starter art

  24. The Law art looks out of place compared to the art on the other cards.

  25. Dude the more info we’re getting, the more excited I’m getting.

  26. Purple also has a rush character with kaido in the starter deck. Also sanji from the red starter has rush too and its one of the best cards in that deck.

  27. "On play" means you can only trigger Kaido's board wipe when you play him, right? And since he costs literally your entire Don deck, that has to mean that the 6 you return to trigger the wipe don't have to be ready, right?

    I know you haven't watched/read much of the source material yet, so I'll just say Cavendish and Law's abilities are quite fitting.

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