Five Guardian Cards That You Should Give A Second Chance (Arkham Horror: The Card Game) -

Five Guardian Cards That You Should Give A Second Chance (Arkham Horror: The Card Game)

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  1. I played Flesh Ward with Nathaniel Cho and I was very happy with it. Very versatile soak card. Costly though.

  2. A list I would love to see: What are cards beyond the core set that you wish you had multiple copies of?I find myself using tempt fate, shortcut, Faustian Bargain, and easy money for example in a lot of decks at the same time and wish I had multiple sets.

  3. Great list concept. With the Springfield, I think it can’t be used against massive elite enemies at all, right? I’d like to give it a try, but that seems too high a downside

  4. The Springfield's great if you have a Rita on the team to do the evading for you.Rita's great if you roll with someone who can delete a 3-health enemy from a location away.Simple as.

  5. Have you guys ever done a video ranking all the permanent cards in Arkham Horror? That is something I would be curious to see.

  6. I really like this as a series concept! It's very easy to try and stick to your usual decks, but it's much more fun to add in some variety – much love, keep up the good work ❤

  7. Ability:
    Spend 1 ammo: Fight. You get +3 and deal +2 damage for this attack. Cannot be used to attack enemies engaged with you.

    Taboo says specifically:
    This card’s ability gains: “This attack may target a non-Elite enemy up to one location away from its standard range, ignoring the aloof and retaliate keywords.”

    My interpretation:
    1. ORIGINAL PART A still exists as it's own separate entity. If you imagine that the taboo doesn't exist, then you can totally use this weapon to shoot a boss that isn't engaged with you.
    2. The ADDED PART B is after a period, so it's a chunk of text that MAY be used. So your targeting of an enemy one location away doesn't affect PART A.

    That said, I think this is a card that should be looked at with a second chance if your playing a guardian where your entire focus is not as a goon. A flex/secondary goon in certain campaigns should definately give this a second look with some clever card usage.

  8. I’m doing an Innsmouth run now using Tommy as a flex (alongside Agnes and Mandy), and I upgraded Cherished Keepsakes into Martyr’s Vambrace and it’s been great. To be fair, Tommy makes a lot of cards feel better because it turns out when you tack “eventually you’ll get an Emergency Cache” onto cards they feel better, but the card has performed very well. Flex Tommy upgrading Coat/Bear into Vambrace and Hunter’s Jacket seems like a great time.

  9. Great vid!
    Have you guys considered doing a “What to buy in 2024” as an entry point for new players? I have several buddies who ask me this question and I would love to have a video I could refer them to. 😊

  10. I just got done playing a martyr's vambrace lily chen deck in which I took the book discipline first, and all of my cards were incredibly cheap. It basically played like a patrice deck and did a pretty stellar job of protecting allies in the mythos phase since lily gets access to vambrace and a lot of cards that stop things from happening in the mythos phase with mystic 0 access. It was quite fun!

  11. You did leave out the obvious pairing of Toe to Toe with Nathaniel Cho.

  12. Hear me out: Leo Anderson, Springfield M1903, Cat Burglar

  13. Once I played a Carson deck, who was not build as a fighter, but also did not have almost any use for the hand slots. I’ve decided to try the Springfield (tabooed), because our fighter had no need for much support in fighting, but it would be nice to take out an occasional weenie while he was busy with the big guys. Also, +3 boost seemed good enough for that even in Carson. And it worked exactly for that purpose, just shooting some small enemies off of other investigators. I’m still hesitant to try it outside off Carson, but overall the Springfield did all right, I had fun with it

    Also, you can shoot your teammates in the face and have an excuse for not engaging the enemy beforehand 0:-)

  14. Like this series a lot, makes you think about cards in different ways… keep it going! Also appreciate the shoutout for Akachi & Empty Vessel, that we me when we played Blob multiplayer 🙂

  15. Like the format there. looking forward to seeing this with other classes.
    Also definitively gotta try that vambrace.

  16. Nice video, looking forward for the next ones (this is a series, right)

    Toe to Toe is just a 100% staple to me. It sits in my card box right next to Sweeping Kick, i play it all the time. Just an incredibly good card. I particularly value it for anyone who would usually struggle with fighting. Someone like Mary or Carson. Hell, i play Toe to Toe in Jim. Just a 10/10 card. Goes very well on SttP, too.

    Flesh Ward isn't as high for me as that, but it's also a card that i had a lot of success with and i find room for a single copy of it surprisingly often. Great combo with Toe to Toe as well 😉 Great shout and definitely underappreciated.

    Wish Eater is good… but is it really 4XP good. Like, i hear your arguments and i even agree. But 4XP… the thing that makes me return to Mirror so often is that it doesn't cost me anything except the deck slot. I think i agree that it kind of belongs on the list, but i don't see myself really going for it.

    I do however think you just opened my eyes on the Vambraces. That soak does give it an immediate payoff that i am missing on Wish Eater and lets it at least not lag behind Mirror before charging up. I think i will need to give that another try, my only experience so far was in a deck that went all in on it with even more treachery deflection and stuff. It probably can just stand on its own perfectly fine and i never really considered it for that.

    The Springfield is a coaster though. Just play Marksmanship. Incidentally, Marksmanship is my entry for Guardian cards that need to be played more. It's a Vicious Blow for firearms that shoots into connecting locations and ignores Aloof. It's amazing.

  17. Toe to Toe = Ward of Protection just wrinkled my brain.

  18. I tried the Springfield in Carcosa because I was excited about sniping cultists at the Historical society. I have rarely been so disappointed in a card.
    It's bad enough being a guardian who needs to ask for help if they get stuck with an enemy, but the non-elite clause is absolutely brutal.
    You can't shoot elites at adjacent locations, you can't shoot elites while they're engaged with you, so you need to have an ally hold them and risk shooting your friend for 3 damage. You can't shoot Massive elites at all. This is particularly painful if there happens to be a 3-health aloof Elite running around.
    Just take a real gun and use Marksmanship instead. You only really need to get a good sniper shot once or twice a scenario, the XP cost is way lower than Springfield or Telescopic Sight, and you can snipe Elite enemies when you need to.

  19. Flesh warden was great for me in hemlock with Hank endgame

  20. Toe to Toe is a fantastic card! I've played Flesh Eater with Daniela–very good. You've convinced me on two of the other three, which I've been mulling playing for awhile now. Not so much the Springfield, but to each their own!!

  21. Flesh Ward can be fun in an old school Guard Dog Yorick deck to get that 1 hp ping off while drawing cards/getting clues. Most enemies got 1sanity/1health dmg, Guard dog takes care of health dmg, Ward of Sanity. Admittedly, Teddy Bear does the same, but if you really want to keep your acc slot open (or dont have a full collection), it's worth a shot to play Ward instead.

  22. Leo Anderson, Bar, level 2 cheapshot/sweeping kick, Dirty fighting.

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