FLOOD THE BOARD!!! Aegisdramon & AncientMermaimon Deck & Combo Guide | Digimon Card Game BT12 Format - c4gamingstudio.com

FLOOD THE BOARD!!! Aegisdramon & AncientMermaimon Deck & Combo Guide | Digimon Card Game BT12 Format

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We got some new support for the Aqua deck since EX3 and it is time for an updated version! Check out how you can flood the board with tons of sea creatures!!!

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The updated version of the Aegisdramon Deck combines the Ancientmermaimon Deck together to make a stronger version for the Aegisdramon Deck BT12! This Aegisdramon Decklist now features even more different kinds of Digimon Aquatic Deck support cards! The Aegisdramon Deck Profile also features the Ancientmermaimon Deck Profile which came out from the most recent set! Digimon Aegisdramon Deck BT12 can continue to flood the board and play tons of Digimon from the Digivolution sources. Digimon TCG Aegisdramon is a really cool level 7 boss monster which is the Digimon Water Deck and Seadramon Deck put together. Hopefully we get more support for the Digimon TCG Aegisdramon Deck to make it competitively viable!

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  1. Would love to see a BT 15 upgrade video of this deck

  2. Isn't the EX03 Dracomon strictly better than the start deck one? It lets you dig 4 (rather than 3) for a 'dramon', plus it has an inheritable that might let you gain some DP in a pinch.

  3. I can’t wait until we get the promo seadramon!

  4. I seen people building this deck because of the Little Mermaid but this looks alike fun deck.

  5. Aegisdramon is my favorite digimon, so glad to see the deck getting some love

  6. It's kinda funny actually, but someone brought a sea animal deck to my shop's store championship last week and it made top 4

  7. Yo can you make an update for security control or security control zoo

  8. This decks is very splashable, pun aside it has great removal and can rush out its mages and Aegisdramon is just the perfect level 7 for this deck. Thank you for making this deck list.

  9. Yes!!! I was just thinking of pulling out these cards after eating my pizza!

  10. To add some spice, instead of Penguimon, I am running Jellymon with Startling Thunder.

  11. You have so much options with this deck. Fun as hell.

  12. As an avid Fish enthusiast what I have to say is…

    … only two Penguinmons and only three Waruseadramons?!

    One of the best combos in the entire deck is to play Penguinmon and place Waruseadramon beneath it as an easy inherit.
    It literally makes ALL your main plays cheaper!
    Not even to mention the obvious application of placing Megaseadramon beneath Penguinmon so that you could for 1 mem cost digivolve into…

    … hold on…

    … WHERE are the Tobiumons?!
    I can understand not running Coelamons since they are considered 'Ancient Fish' and therefore cannot be played out with Plesiomon's effect…

    … but you are seriously running no cheap cost digivolutions, and instead preferring a janky, inefficient combo in the form of Lanamon+Calmaramon, which costs a minimum of 3 memory to play out?

    Especially considering the fact that without any blockers, removal, or board breakers beyond a 9-6 cost Option, you won't have any way of 'slowing' your opponent before they get into their main plays and so by the time you get even to Aegisdramon, your opponent would have likely outpaced you and already be in a dominant position to win the game.

    If anyone reading this is interested in playing their own Fish deck, I would consider running Mermaimon as playing her off of Aegisdramon's effect with the right set-up can outright skip your opponent's turn after they play a Digimon.

  13. Why no Mermaimon? When she's played she let's you place a digimon under her and gain 3 memory. Sets up your MetalSeadramon for another turn to play it

  14. I am so glad decks like these are getting updated.

  15. I'll probably be building that deck after I finish my Shoutmon deck for Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode

  16. Yassss THANK YOU! This is the exact deck I was trying to build and I was told that it just doesn't make sense to build it. I'm so glad someone else did, makes me feel better lol

  17. You should put 2 kimeramon in there for the real surprise rush

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